Sunday 3 May 2015

ISABELLA: One Month Update

Where has the time gone? 

I know that everyone says time flies and that babies grow up so quickly, but they really do! I honestly can't believe that this time a month ago we were about to meet our daughter for the first time - little did I know how much would change in our lives. Not only do we now have a little person to look after but the love we feel for her and the hours spent just staring at her have been so perfect. This past month has been exciting, tiring, overwhelming, emotional and so many other things. Being new parents isn't all smiles and cuddles, it's been hard at times. There have been nights when Isabella wouldn't stop crying and we just didn't know what to do to help her, it was heart breaking and tears were shed. It ended up just being a growth spurt and she was hungry, despite having been fed almost constantly throughout the day. We have already done things we said we wouldn't as parents - but those newborn cuddles are too precious to always put her down to sleep. I'm often questioning whether we are doing the right thing for our daughter, however I'm doing this a lot less than I thought I would. A positive I guess. But most of all we have had to get to know our daughter, just as much as she has had to get used to the world outside of my womb. 

We've loved getting to know her - the faces she pulls, her milky breath, the way she curls herself up into a ball just as she would have been inside me, her little feet and hands, the way she blows bubbles through her lips, after every yawn she cries for a second as if she isn't sure what it is, the way her little face goes so red when she cries that horrible angry cry, the way her hair goes so fluffy after being washed, that little tongue appearing when she's hungry and there are so many other cute quirks she has. 

When Isabella was first born she would spend her days sleeping, feeding or crying - typical newborn. After about 2 weeks we noticed that she was starting spending more time with her eyes open, taking time to look at us and around her. She liked looking at different levels of light, walking past a window was sure to stop her crying. Also around 2 weeks she had her first growth spurt, which lasts about a week! It was an exhausting time with almost constant feeding, a lot of tears (hers and mine) and very little sleep. This is also when she started out growing her newborn vests. When Isabella was born she fit into 'up to 1 month' baby grows but could just about fit into a couple of newborn vests we had (we didn't have any newborn baby grows). At the end of her first month she is still just about fitting into her 'up to 1 month' baby grows, but the 0-3 month baby grows are a bit big still. She's in that awkward in between stage. 

At around 3 weeks old Isabella was spending a lot more time looking around her, taking in the world. She started to enjoy just sitting watching the world, in fact she would do this for most of the day resulting in a lot less sleep. This was lovely but it did mean she'd get over tired sometimes and become teary. She also enjoys being carried around in the Baby Bjorn baby carrier, which was nice for going on walks around the village or just having two hands to get some jobs done around the house.

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Helen x


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