Wednesday 22 July 2015

BABY: A couple of different ways to remember those key moments...

I love creating happy memories but am not always the best at remembering them years down the line. Having a baby has bought so many happy/exciting/unique memories and I'm determined not to forgot them!
We have a typical baby book, which is perfect for recording Isabella's name, weight, date of birth, key events etc. The following items are more unique ways of remembering those special moments. So if a typical baby book isn't your thing but you still want to remember those early years with your little one, then one of the following books may be for you...
We found this little book in a shop called JOY in London (they have stores across the country) and I just loved the concept. It's filled with 12 letters that you can write to your child, it acts as a kind of time capsule. You can write about your hopes and dreams for them, note down the date you sealed the letter in the book and then the date they can open the letter. I love that you're not only writing a letter to your child but it is saved for when they are old enough to appreciate your words. I think we are going to save this book until Isabella is 18 years old - I wonder if my hopes and dreams for her will come true, I hope so. 

My brother actually bought me this for my birthday and I love it! I've been aware of the 'LISTOGRAPHY' range of journals before but never looked inside one. Again this book is really addressed to your child, as you fill in each page as if your child was reading it. There is a really wide range of things to remember throughout this book, some quite abstract! As the name of the book suggests, each page has a title at the top identifying the list you will write on that page. So if you know a parent or parent to be who likes writing lists then this is the book for them! The illustrations throughout add a nice touch and some humour in places.

 Are you recording memories of your little one/s?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x
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  1. Ahh, these are lovely. I was definitely planning to write a letter to the baby now for when he's older, I'm also doing one for my husband that will go in my hospital bag for him to read after the baby comes. There are some lovely memory boxes and things too - my mum kept my first baby grow and hospital tags and things. xx

    Sarah |

  2. Oh this looks great. I love things like this. I am yet to make a memory box for my girls. I am in the middle of doing scrapbooks for them but god knows when I will finish them x

  3. LOVE the list book! Very nice idea.
    Don't you find your blog a lovely way to write down memories? I have been linking up to Little Hearts Big Love from the mouth of babes linky and it has really encouraged me to take note of funny things my son says :)
    x Alice

  4. What lovely books to keep such treasured moments great post thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  5. I love making things which help me to remember special moments. I usually take photos and write notes in the albums alongside the photos, plus I have a diary that I write in every day about what I did that day with my twins. I think it's important to have something you can look back on when you're older and that your children can read when you're no longer around. I love both the books you've listed here and have bookmarked the one and added the other to my wish list! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  6. These are great, I might purchase both! I have the bog standard memory books, I was really good with updating it with him but I haven't been as good with my daughter, I need to remember!



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