Saturday 11 July 2015

BABY STYLE: A week of outfits #1

There are two reasons why I thought I'd start a sort of baby style mini series - 1) I absolutely love buying baby clothes and 2) Baby clothes are too cute not to post about. These posts will quickly show what Isabella is wearing throughout the week.  I'll probably include around 7 outfits in each post, though in reality Isabella gets through many more outfits a week, thanks to sick/dribble/explosive nappies! Parents, you know the drill.

Day 1
Grey T-Shirt Dress - Primark - 2 for £5
Grey Stripe Short Sleeved Vest - TU Sainsburys

Day 2
Floral Bib - F&F at Tesco - £3 for 2 pack
Pink star vest - Marks and Spencers Outlet - part of 'starter set' for £14.50

Day 3
Pink Polka Dot Dress - Marks and Spencers - £4 in sale
Penguin Bib - Marks and Spencers - £6 for pack of 3
Polka Dot Vest - TU Sainsburys
Cream Tights - Marks and Spencers - part of clothing set

Day 4
 Baby grow - Mothercare - £4 a while ago (similar here)
Vest - F&F Clothing - £2.75 for 3 pack
Floral Bib - bought from Abergavenny market in Wales last year - £3

Day 5
Dress and Polka Dot Vest Set - TU Sainsburys - gift
Cream tights - Marks and Spencers - part of outfit set

Day 6

Day 7
Dress and vest set - F&F Clothing - £12
Fluffy socks - gift

Which is your favourite outfit of the week?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

 Helen x 

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  1. You're so much more organised than me! Matilda's outfits are grabbed one handed from the top of the pile while she squirms in my other arm. They are mostly from M&S and Sainsbury's, too, though.

  2. Wow so many outfits to choose from! Her outfits are lovely and elegant, not tacky at all. It's strange seeing a younger baby linking up, she gorgeous and looks so peaceful.

    Lauren |

  3. I love how gorgeously girlie those outfits are but I adore day 4, that romper just looks so comfy! x

  4. I can't choose a favourite they are all so adorable! Looking forward to reading these posts!

  5. Oh these are adorable! i have serious baby wardrobe envy. I love the grey dress with the elephant on the most. So so cute! x


    1. I envy her wardrobe so much - it's way more stylish and cuter than mine! Haha

      Helen x

  6. Oh my, how cute! Each outfit is great, I really like the dress in day 6, and all the dribble bibs go so well with each outfit. x #weekendministyle

  7. Wow you are so organised! These are suoer cute - I love now that it's summer there are days when we can go without socks and tights. The supermarkets have some really great buys :)

  8. Oh my goodness she is just the cutest! She is looking beautiful in all her little outfits this week. I have major new baby clothes envy! She has a gorgeous wardrobe. My favourite is the grey dress from M&S and the spotty bib because I love anything Grey, Black or White. Hard choice though because all these outfits are so pretty! Loving all the dribble bibs as well. Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you had a great weekend :) xx #weekendministyle

  9. These outfits are just adorable!! I just grab my girls clothes in the morning and that's it haha!

    Thank you so much for linking up with this weeks #justanotherlinky hope too see you again Sunday!

  10. Nice outfits - but you've reminded me how behind I am with Ted's Threads! Can you do my fashion post too please? ; ) #bigfatlinky

  11. Wow what gorges its outfits #bigfatlinky xx

  12. What a lovely post! We have #6 in pink for Lily as OH works at M & S, their range for babies is lush isn't it?

    Absolutely gorgeous photos of your little one, she is so beautiful :)

    X X

    1. Aww thank you! Yes - Marks and Spencer's is my all time favourite place to buy baby clothes on the high street, with JoJo Maman Bebe coming a close second :)

      Helen x

  13. What a gorgeous peach! I love the denim dress! I wish shops did integrated bodysuits as standard on baby dresses, but I love love love pairing them with long sleeve bodysuits when they don't. You've got one trendy little babe there! x


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