Saturday 18 July 2015

BABY STYLE: A week of outfits #2

As Isabella is starting to out grow her 0-3 month clothes we are quickly trying to get at least one wear out of the clothes she hasn't worn yet! We did what a lot of parents do and bought far too many clothes in 0-3 months. There are some things that she out grew before she even wore them, so they're going to my friend who's pregnant. We are now starting to sort out Isabella's 3-6 month clothes, there are a lot of summer dresses but we need babygrows and vests. The perfect excuse to go sale shopping!

Day 1

Grey Star Vest - TU Sainsburys
Grey Star Bib - Marks and Spencers Outlet - part of a set 

Day 2
Elephant print vest - GAP - £7.95 (similar here)
Floral leggings - Mothercare - £3 (similar here and here)
Socks - F&F Clothing - similar here
Bunny rabbit bib - Marks and Spencers - £6 for 3 pack

Day 3
Dress - Next - £5 in the sale
Cream long sleeved vest - part of dress set from F&F Clothing
Cream tights - part of dress set from Marks and Spencers 

Day 4
Grey star dress - Marks and Spencers - similar here
Dotty vest - F&F Clothing - similar here
Blue spotty tights - Aldi - £2 for 2 pack in Baby Event
 Blue dotty bib - Marks and Spencers - £6 for 3 pack

Day 5
Top - Mothercare
Grey stripy vest - TU Sainsburys
Socks - F&F Clothing - similar here
Floral bib - F&F Clothing - similar from bilibib

Day 6
Dress and Deer Vest set - F&F Clothing -  similar here
Grey star tights - Aldi - £2 for 2 pack in Baby and Toddler Event

Day 7 
Knitted cardigan - handmade by a friend
Floral blouse - GAP - £3.99 in sale (similar here)
White Polka Dot Leggings - Mothercare - similar here
Bear vest - Matalan - £6 for 5 pack (similar here)
Patterned bib - Marks and Spencers - £6 for 3 pack
Pink Heart Socks - F&F Clothing - similar here
Which outfit is your favourite this week?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

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  1. She looks so cute in all of them. Molly is so tall that she's already in 6-9 months baby grows! She has such long legs and I don't think it will be long until she will be in 6-9 months vest etc too. She's going to be one tall lady when she grows up. Xx

  2. Beatiful clothes. My fave is day 3. It would be a waste on my baby girl as she is always sick. Pretty dresses never stay pretty for long.

  3. She is literally the most stylish baba! You have such lovely, beautiful clothes and outfits for her from all sorts of fab shops and brands. I look forward to seeing all her outfits every week! You are super organised in how you dress her. I'm very impressed! We were the opposite, we had far too much 3-6 month clothes and less 0-3 months. I'm really struggling to choose a favourite this week! I love the Next sleep suits and the little top in the last outfit. I think my favourite is the M&S Grey star dress outfit though. So cute! Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you have a lovely weekend! xx #weekendministyle

  4. You're really showing me up now!!! She looks lovely as always :) #bigfatlinky

  5. Aww she looks so cute! And really good effort getting her into something new everyday - I am guilty of putting my child in the same clothes for a couple of days as long as they aren't stained... He he. But these outfits are so cute - my fav was probably the one with polkadots everywhere, very cute matching! #weekendministyle

  6. Those star tights are gorgeous! Loving this series x

  7. Gorgeous outfits, she is so frickin' cute! I love all of the outfits and want to see more!

  8. Awwww I love newborn outfits. Isabella is so stylish. I love how you perfectly coordinate her bins to match every outfit. My favourite is the denim dress. K x #weekendministyle

  9. I love all of these outfits she is too cute

  10. Adorable! I learnt my lesson last time so we have very few 0-3 month clothes. I seem to give birth to long babies with large tummies so I think we'll be in 3-6 month clothes sooner rather than later! :-D

  11. My little guy is growing way too quickly. He'll be two months old next week and I reckon it won't be long til he's in the next size too. He's very long so I reckon I'll be sorting through his clothes again in the next couple of days - those little bodysuits just don't stretch like they used to! At least it gives me a chance to go through the gorgeous clothes I've put aside - I've forgotten about half of it!

  12. Aw such cutie outfits! They do grow out of things so quickly at that age don't they? So difficult to know how many to buy! Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays xx


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