Monday 17 August 2015

BABY: Personalised The Snowman and the Snowdog Book from Penwizard

Firstly, I'm not going to apologise for writing about Christmas in August - I usually love Christmas but this year brings a whole new level of excitement, as its Isabella's first Christmas!!
I literally cannot wait to create the perfect first Christmas for Isabella and us as a little family, the preparations are going to start way before December (*whispers* I mean I've already bought her an advent calender - one with lots of cute pictures). So you can only imagine my excitement when I came across a company that allow you to personalise one of my all time favourite Christmas books - The Snowman and the Snowdog*.

That company is Penwizard and they have a variety of amazing children's books you can personalise with not only your child's name but also the way they look! I think there's nothing more special than having something personalised and the fact that the books can be bought in either hardback or softback allows you to choose a book for your budget.
The process of personalising The Snowman and the Snowdog was so easy and quick to do - ideal for those with crying babies or active toddlers. Firstly you enter the name of your child and their gender, as well as a personal message. As a child I would have absolutely loved having a book with my name in, so I'm really excited for Isabella to be old enough to read this herself. 

You then go on to choose what you want the girl/boy in the book to look like, there aren't a massive range of choices but are enough to create a child that looks similar to yours. You can change the hair style, hair colour, whether they have glasses or not, the skin colour and pyjama colour. I tried to imagine what Isabella will look like when she's old enough to appreciate this book herself, hopefully I've got it right and she doesn't suddenly go blonde or something! You can then preview the book with the features you've personalised and then order it - it's that simple. 

I'm going to read this personalised version of The Snowman and the Snowdog book from Penwizard every Christmas to Isabella - I can't wait. When she grows up I really want it to be one of those books she remembers from her childhood, one that makes her feel nostalgic and puts a smile on her face.
Which Christmas book would you want to get personalised if you had a choice?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x

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  1. Ah it is so lovely to personalise hugs for them and I am sure she will love it as she grows. Thanks for inking with #maternitymondays


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