Tuesday 22 September 2015

WEANING: Innovative Products from Brother Max

I don't know about you but I've felt rather overwhelmed by the sheer number of weaning products available on the market. Brother Max is a company that stands out due to their unique, innovative and practical weaning products. Their range saves time, waste and makes weaning 'on to the go' a lot easier.
Brother Max have created a weaning bundle* (£19.99), which includes all of the essential products you'll need to start weaning - two catch & fold bibs, heat-sensitive travel spoons, small weaning pots, bowl set and trainer cup. It is available in pink or blue and is suitable from 4 months plus. There are also two toddler feeding bundles available if you're past the inital weaning stage. 
I've been making lots vegetable and fruit purees that I've popped into the freezer. It's been so exciting cooking for Isabella, I just hope she likes my cooking! To make her first purée, which was Apple, I steamed chunks of peeled apple, blitzed it to make a puree and poured it into the Brother Max Small Weaning Pots*. These small pots hold a 40ml portion of puree, perfect for those early weeks of weaning. I like that they come with a marker pen so you can clearly label what you've made, as well as being able to go straight from the fridge/freezer into the microwave. I've actually been freezing the purées, then popping them out of these pots and putting them into a sandwich bag. I date and label the sandwich bag, for ultimate convenience. 
Once Isabella has really got to grips with the purées we're going to start giving her pieces of gently steamed vegetables and other finger food to munch on...that's when things will start getting really messy! Though with the Brother Max Catch and Fold Bib* the mess can easily be cleaned up - the waterproof lined soft cotton part of the bib makes it comfortable and the removable crumb catcher is perfect for catching that food that escapes/misses Isabella's mouth. You can also fold up the soft part of the bib and seal it into the crumb catcher part, along with the Brother Max Travel Spoons* or any cutlery you've used - such a clever design! Absolutely ideal for using when out and about, as Isabella can get her bib as messy as she likes and I can easily fold away the mess and take it all home without ruining the inside of our changing bag. 
The Brother Max Travel Spoons are another clever design, as they are heat sensitive and change colour if the food is too hot. Another must have weaning item when on the go - I used to really worry about Isabella's bottles or bath being too hot for her. Almost six months into parenting and I feel confident I now know the temperatures each of these should be, but weaning is a whole new experience. I don't feel confident about ensuring the food is hot enough to kill any nasty bacteria etc but then not too hot when I feed it to Isabella, so these travel spoons are really reassuring. We've also found these spoons perfect for Isabella to feed herself because they are small enough and flat, so she can suck off the purées. She loves feeding herself! 

The Brother Max Trainer Cup* can be adapted depending on the needs/age of your child, so it grows and changes as your child does - very helpful! It's designed to make the transition between bottle and cup/beaker as smooth as possible. The easy to hold handles can make it easier to pick up and therefore encourage babies to be more independent. Unfortunatly Isabella won't take to this cup at the moment, she's used to being able to hold her bottle at lunch time and won't use this one at all. I also found that you can't fill it up very much because of the slant and then trying to screw the teat on. We will try it with Isabella once she's properly into the swing of weaning and hopefully she'll take to it then. 

 As I'm still on maternity leave we are often out and about during the day, which worries me when we are weaning. I just imagined having to take a suitcase of weaning paraphernalia with me, along with the already heavily packed changing bag with nappies, toys, wipes, muslin clothes...not to mention all of my essentials too. Needless to say that just wouldn't be possible, but the Brother Max Weaning Bowl Set* is ideal as its compact and even has a section for the travel spoons. It has removable dividers meaning we can take multiple meals or courses out with us, all in the one bowl. There are also microwave vents in the lid, so that the food can be heated up easily. 

What are/were your weaning must have items?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x
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  1. I was very overwhelmed with the amount of weaning products that there are on the market.

    I went a bit mad buying weaning spoons - we must have about 50! :D

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. I really like Brother Max, their ranges are always practical and innovative. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. These look fab. There are so many weaning products out there, it can become a little overwhelming when starting out! We are a long way the other side of weaning now but I'll definitely remember this for any future children!


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