Friday 13 November 2015


As relatively new parents myself this Christmas will be the first one as a parent, which is pretty exciting. It's instantly added all the magic back into Christmas, even if Isabella is far too young to understand what's going on. Being a parent has completely changed what I'd love for Christmas, it's more about capturing special memories and making life easier now.

The Bright Side Lovely Little Mini Person Book (£12.99 from Mollie & Fred) -The Bright Side create witty, fun products that are going to add a smile to anyone's face. I have countless of their products around our house, such as memory boxes, tins, wedding books and this Lovely Little Mini Person book. It's a unique twist on a typical baby record book, without missing out any of the important moments you'd want to capture

 Dr Brown's Newborn Gift Set* (£49.99 from Boots) - Dr Brown's  bottles are a very popular choice by parents, especially those who have babies with colic. They're cleverly designed to help reduce colic and this Gift Set has everything parents need to start bottle feeding. You can read my full review here

Letters To My Baby (£10.99 from JOY) - Another book that is a unique twist on a traditional baby record book. Each page has a thought provoking sentence, which is used as inspiration to write letters to your baby. I picked this up when I was pregnant and have written some of the letters for Isabella to read when she's older. The pages also double up as envelopes, which you can seal the letter in and put a date of when it's to be opened. A lovely way of recording emotions, thoughts and wishes.  

Caboodle Bags Fun & Funky Baby Changing Bag (£40) -So many of my Mummy friends have got a new changing bag on their Christmas wishlist, after all they do become what handbags used to be in our lives. The Caboodle Changing Bags are an incredibly generous size, perfect for fitting in the endless list of essentials us parents have to carry around with us! I love the grey star design, in fact it matches Isabella's nursery theme. The pop of lime green on the zip is a fun, stylish addition too. It comes with various handy removable pouches and travel sized changing mat, as well as a really sturdy strap with fantastic grip. For me this is a really important feature because having a changing bag sliding down your arm while you're carrying your child and a million and one other things is never ideal. The wipeable exterior makes this changing bag even more convenient because lets be honest...babies aren't the cleanest of creatures!

Emma Bridgewater Photo Album (£16 from Boots - currently on buy one get one half price) - Having a baby seems to increase the amount of photo taken by a lot, after all we all want to capture those cute/funny/special moments forever! The range of Emma Bridgewater photo albums in Boots make nice alternatives to a traditional album. I especially like that there's a space next to each photo to write a sentence or two. So far I've filled four of these with photos of Isabella, so I'd certainly be grateful for another one this Christmas!

Milestone Pregnancy/Baby Cards (£13 from JoJo Maman Bebe) -Probably the easier and least time consuming way of recording milestones. All you need to do is date each card, put it next to your baby and take a photo. It's so quick and they do a set for throughout pregnancy as well.

The Cocoon Car Seat Blanket (£29.99) - Solving an important safety issue during the colder months, the Cocoon Car Seat Blanket is a must-have item for anyone with a newborn baby. Putting babies in a snowsuit and then into a car seat may be tempting when it's freezing cold, but it's dangerous. If there was an accident a baby wouldn't be securely strapped in, due to the padding of a snowsuit. The Cocoon Car Seat Blanket can be put into the car seat, straps pulled through so they can be securely strapped in. See my full review here

Journals of a Lifetime Early Years Journal and Notebook in Blue20) -Capturing milestones and moments is something a lot of parents want to and enjoy to do. The Journals of a Lifetime journal has beautifully cute illustrations throughout, as well as giving parents the opportunity to record all of the key moments from birth all the way up to five years old. Having all of those memories in one place is genius, I hadn't come across a baby journal that covered so many years before. In fact Journals of a Lifetime have created such a unique range of memory journals, including ones for mums, dads, grandparents, brother, sister, son, daughter, baby, children, friends, love, relationships, hobbies, reflection, Christmas and weddings. So it's well worth exploring their fantastic new website to find that perfect memory journal for a loved one.

The English Shipmate Personalised 'This Daddy Belongs To...' Keyring in Silver (£46) -I've already written a full review (read here) on this stunning 'This Daddy Belongs To...' Keyring from The English Shipmate, but I couldn't not mention it again. You can personalise almost every element of this keyring, from the material, wording, font and symbols/signs. It's available in copper or silver and doesn't have to be for a Daddy - it could be for a grandad, uncle etc. 

Are you or do you know anyone who is expecting a baby over the festive period?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x

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  1. Some of these are FAB! I love the milestone cards and all my friends seem to be having babies this (or early next year) so these are some really cute ideas!!

  2. I love the letters to my baby, such a cute idea! :) #binkylinky

  3. I love the journal book, if only I have seen one before when both my kids were still a baby, I would have like to own one to note down their milestones. Lovely ideas! #binkylinky

  4. I wish I'd known about baby milestone cards when my girls were babies. Love the caboodle bag too. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  5. A lovely gift guide thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  6. The letters are a beautiful idea! Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x


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