Sunday 15 November 2015

WEANING: Finger food for on the go by Organix

Our weaning journey so far has been filled with fun, mess and a lot of interesting faces! Isabella has now tried all of the purées I made in advance, her favourites are sweet potato and cauliflower. We now offer finger foods at meal times, combining baby led and parent led weaning - such an exciting stage! 

Organix have a wide range of finger food and purées suited to all stages of weaning. Their finger food range includes: rice cakes, corn snacks and baby biscuits - all of which are available in a variety of flavours to excite their little taste buds. All of their products are natural, organic and nutritious, as well as having the convenience of being easy to have on the go, ready instantly and tasty!

These are some of Isabella's favourite Organix products: 

Organix Cheese Stars* - Organic corn puffs that are shaped like stars to help little fingers hold them make an ideal snack. Isabella likes sucking these until they go mushy, though with her two teeth she does managed to gnaw them a bit too. I find it reassuring that these stars 'melt in the mouth', so there is less chance of any choking issues.
Organix Raspberry and Blueberry Rice Cakes* - I know that rice cakes are a firm favourite for a lot of weaning babies, as they add that crunchy texture but become mushy enough to eat with just their gums. These Organix rice cakes are made with organic wholegrain rice, with the addition of raspberry, blueberry and apple juice. As with the Cheese Stars Isabella has enjoyed chewing, sucking and munching on these rice cakes - it's all part of her discovering different textures.
Organix Banana Baby Biscuits* - One of the newest addition to the Organix range and a popular choice in our house is their baby biscuits. They are ring shaped, so ideal for Isabella to hold and feed herself (she's becoming such an independent little human being at the moment!)  We do some BLW, so that Isabella could discover textures and flavours herself and these Baby Biscuits allow her to do that perfectly. You can also pick them up in Vanilla* and Strawberry.
Organix products are available in all major supermarkets and Boots, if you think your little one would enjoy these too.

What is your little ones favourite finger food?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x 


  1. Love the organix range my I used this with my sons when they were little. #maternitymondays

  2. I can't believe Isabella is weaning. We love organix too. Thanks for linking up #maternitymondays

  3. We used Organix a lot with our older two, this time around the carrot puffs and sweetcorn rings are a firm favourite, we haven't tried the biscuits yet. #maternitymondays


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