Monday 18 January 2016

DAY OUT: Family walk at Rutland Water

There's nothing quite like getting wrapped up warm and embracing the cold winter weather outside. I was never one to particularly enjoy going for walks, but since having Isabella it's one of my favourite things to do as a family. It's free, refreshing, encourages Isabella to discover the world around us and gets us away from technology for an hour or two. Bliss.

Recently we headed over to Rutland Water to enjoy a family walk around part of the reservoir there. It's such a vast space with the most beautiful church partially surrounded by the water. In fact while we were there a wedding was taking place in the church - what stunning surroundings for someones special day! We parked on the south side of the reservoir where there was a small cafe, bike centre, Italian restaurant and toilets, so plenty of amenities for a lovely day out. There is a paved path around the water making it ideal for cycling, walking, running or pushchairs/wheelchairs. Sometimes a muddy ramble through fields just isn't possible, prior to the day we visited it had rained constantly for 3 days and the grass was sodden.

We also wanted to embrace the chance to try out the LittleLife Voyager S3 Child Carrier we were kindly given for Christmas by my husband's parents. In short we absolutely love it, as does Isabella! Carrying her in a front baby carrier was getting far too heavy, especially for me so we were eager to find an alternative. My husband has his eye on the LittleLife range of carriers due to their fantastic reputation and many clever features. When we received the Voyager S3 for Christmas we were both so excited, we could go on family adventures again. Just to name a few features there is a detachable backpack, toy loops, insulated bottle pocket, reflective piping, rear view mirror, more storage in the base and a very comfy looking cushion for Isabella falls asleep in it. We both found it so comfortable on our shoulders and back and Isabella enjoyed being able to see the world from so high up!
If you're ever in the local area I'd highly recommend a wander around Rutland Water and there's a lovely little town called Oakham nearby, which is perfect for a bite to eat or hot drink to warm up.  

Where's your favourite place for a family wander?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x
Life Unexpected


  1. Lovely post, I particularly enjoyed all the photos. I live in Buxton in the Peak District and enjoy pottering around the Pavilion Gardens or walking up Solomon's Temple:

    Next time I go I will take more photos!

  2. Lovely photos, looks like a great family day out. The baby carrier looks fab. I love going for walks with my little one, we go on lots of family walks in the new forest. I really love your photos xx #maternitymondays

  3. What a beautiful spot for a wedding, and a lovely place to walk :)

  4. It looks beautiful, and the backpack looks great - a rear view mirror is a brilliant idea! Becky x #whatevertheweather

  5. Looks like it's a really nice spot. We aren't a million miles away and every time we drive past that way I always think we must go and have a look- we will definitely make the effort as I am sure the kids would love to go exploring. Your LittleLife carrier looks fab- our youngest loves his and really enjoys being able to see exactly what is going on, great for a trip out and a change from the buggy

  6. Wow! Such a special place to get married! One can never forget that day! I love your photos. There are so beautiful, but my favourite is the first photo of the chapel. There is something real special about this place. #PointShoot

  7. It looks a really picturesque place for a walk. And on a lovely bright day - the bright and chilly days are way better than the damp days, especially for a walk I think. #pointshoot

  8. What beautiful photos. I especially love the first one with the lake behind the trees #pointshoot

  9. Awww what a really lovely place, we dont live far away and keep meaning to visit but never seem to go ... *mental note made to go this year*

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  10. aww that looks lovely. You are braver than me with the baby carrier. I don't think my back would take it. Thanks for linking up #MaternityMondays

  11. Wow it's seriously beautiful. What a lovely place to explore and it really looks like the weather was on your side. That carrier looks fab!!!! I wish we'd gotten one for Evie when she was a bit younger so she's used to it now. She runs about everywhere, which is great, but it would be nice from time to time to have a calm little one on our backs absorbing our environment rather that charging off towards water ever two minutes haha. Your photos really are stunning. Thank you for sharing your adventure on #whatevertheweather x

  12. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous photos! You really have the knack of taking beautiful photos! It looks like a gorgeous place to visit, such lovely views. Your backpack carrier sounds great too, although the rear view mirror made me giggle. A good idea though, I normally use my phone camera to check on A on my back if I can't see properly! Hope you have many more adventures with the backpack this year.
    Thanks do much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather :) x


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