Monday 4 January 2016


Over the past month or two Isabella has reached many milestones and her interest in the world around us has increased massively. Now that she's crawling she loves nothing more than testing her boundaries and exploring wherever she can get to! However when she's done exploring and fancies a change these have been her favourites over the past month. 
1) Wooden blocks - We picked up a box of wooden blocks from a local NCT sale and they've been one of the best toy purchases we've made so far. They've been perfect for chewing while Isabella's been teething, she loves tapping them together, passing them to me and they're small enough to pop a few into the changing bag for when we're out.
2) Ball-pit - When I first made the ball-pit in Isabella's playroom (just made out of a paddling pool) she wasn't that interested in it. In fact because she couldn't sit up in it she just kind of sunk into the balls...not much fun. However now that she can sit up and crawl she's been loving playing in the ball-pit, trying to eat the balls, passing them to me or chasing after them. We also had our first soft play experience this month because Isabella can now crawl. She enjoyed the huge ball pool there, even though there were older children throwing balls at us! (Is that normal at soft play centres? It's put us off visiting again for a while).
3) Food pouches - This month saw us give Isabella more fruit/vegetable pouches than normal as we were out visiting family/friends a lot and she loves eating from them. I say eating but it's more like sucking, she can eat a whole pouch in no time at all. Originally I was putting the puree onto a spoon and feeding Isabella, which worked well but when she grabbed a pouch out of my hand and started feeding herself we never really looked back. I obviously supervise her feeding herself, but you can tell she loves the independence of it. We have been using a mixture of shop bought pouches and putting my homemade meals into the Nom-Nom Kids pouches

4) Next Wooly Hat - It's not been the coldest December ever but there have been some really cold days, which have been the perfect excuse to wear a wooly hat. I wasn't sure how Isabella would react to having something on her head for a long period of time, but she's been loving it. There's been no attempting to get it off and she looks so adorable all wrapped up warm!
5) String of gold beads - A classic Christmas decoration and a fun sensory experience for Isabella. She loves it when we put them into a mixing bowl and mix them around with a wooden spoon. They're noisy, shiny and can easily be held by little hands...a winning combination. We're hoping to pick some more colours in the post Christmas sales.
What has your little one been enjoying this month?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x
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  1. Also wooden blocks! Also, we quite often just give her a fruit pouch to drink at breakfast - she loves being able to do the whole meal by herself (even if I do feel like I'm basically giving her nothing but smoothie for breakfast...!).

    1. Aww bless her - smoothie is a tasty breakfast option :)

  2. We got g wooden blocks for Christmas and I agree they are fab. I'm going to try the pouch and see if he can suck it. It would make life much easier :) thanks for linking up #maternitymondays

  3. My daughter loved her ball pool, we haven't had it out in a while though. Unfortunately I find older kids throwing balls/pushing smaller ones over etc.. while their parents either ignore it or just aren't paying attention is the norm for soft play unfortunately :(

    1. Oh no that's not good news! I'll have to work out which are the quieter times I think :)

  4. Ahh cute!!! Reminds me so much of Tyne - he loved his ball pit!! I never bothered with one for Noah coz I`m a mean mummy and picking the balls up all the time drove me slightly mad haha!! I love the idea of the beads, I`ll have to try Noah with those - he was loving tinsel and wrapping paper last month mostly, and baubles! And the TV remotes! xx

  5. Such a good idea regArding the gold beads in a bowl! Funny how sometimes you just don't need toys! 😛 I think my daughter would like that!

  6. Soft play is where kids turn feral! Lovely post. #picknmix

  7. We used to have a huge paddling pool with balls in, mine always loved it too but as they got older they used to hide all sorts in there including my car keys!

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x


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