Monday 22 February 2016

PARENTING: What do your most used emojis say about you?

I think that your 'most used' emojis say a lot about your life and what's happening in it. Whether it's on social media, messages or Whatsapp a lot of us use emojis on a daily basis to express how we're feeling, what we're doing and who we're doing it with. It's just become part of expressing ourselves - but what do your 'most used' emojis say about you?

Prior to having a baby my 'most used' emojis consisted of the crying laughing face in the context of something being it's used in desperation for a situation. For example, I tweeted this at 5am 'Prior to having a baby getting up at 12am, 2.30am and 4.30am would have been I consider that a good nights sleep (crying laughing face)'.
Another favourite emoji before having a baby was the wine glass it's a baby bottle emoji and an early night. Just the idea of being 'out out' past 9pm puts me into a mild panic nowadays! 
The smiley/cute/tired/gritted teeth/heart eyed/sleepy faces all get a lot of use and mostly related to either cooing over someone else's baby or describing something about mine. The lack of sleep, when she is sleeping, cute new skill Isabella's learnt, the dreaded leap alert on the Wonder Weeks app, teething, growth spurt, illness etc.    
Perhaps the most stereotypical emojis that us maternity leave ladies surely use a lot are the cake and coffee ones. After all that's pretty much how we spend our days isn't it? No screaming babies, piles of washing, constant tidying following the whirlwind that is your child, cooking, cleaning etc. I have to be honest though, both are in my most used emojis...cue the monkey with it's hands over it's eyes!
What are your most used emojis?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x


  1. Haha love this post. Mine are definitely the cry laughing face, the monkey, cake, the gritted teeth one and the actual crying one for seriously desperate situations! 😂😁😭🙈🍰

  2. haha, I think mine is the weary face - says it all!!

  3. I LOVE THIS POST!! I was thinking about writing something similar about my top used emojis which are always the cry laughing face (there's some seriously funny stuff to be read/seen out there), the monkey with his hands over his eyes (some seriously weird stuff out there)and the love heart one is a frequently used one for me too! #brilliantblogs

  4. great post. I don't tend to use them to be honest, not sure why just never have

  5. haha my most used are the crying laughing, the monkey with his hands over his eyes and probably the one with the teeth haha. #MaternityMondays

  6. Det senaste resultatet av hans ansträngningar är TimberTex-serien av lyxiga kopior klockor rmband, som är gjorda med låg pappersförbrukning och växtmassa.


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