Thursday 31 March 2016

FAVOURITES: March 2016

March has been such a busy month with my birthday, my Dad's birthday, Isabella's party preparations, returning to work, settling into nursery, Mother's Day and two first birthday parties in our NCT group. Phew! It was the month I had been dreading for ages, but it all turned out ok in the end and has actually been such a fun month. Isabella took her first steps and I couldn't have been more excited/proud. Now onto April when my little baby turns one!

1) The Willoughby Book Club - Tom's auntie kindly gave Isabella a three month subscription to The Willoughby Book Club, a personalised book subscription service. It's not exclusively for babies, they have subscriptions for children and adults too. For three months the most beautifully packaged book arrived for Isabella and I've loved unpacking them to reveal the lovely book inside. We've received three board books, which means Isabella is able to 'read' them without ripping any pages - an added bonus. At the beginning of the subscription Isabella received a personalised card introducing her (and us) to The Willoughby Book Club and telling us who had kindly gifted it to us. It makes a lovely gift and has been such a special treat.
2) Peanut butter Oreos - Have you tried them? If not and you like peanut butter then you have to. They are the perfect combination of sweet, slightly salty with all the greatness of oreos. 
3) Hand printing Leggings -I honestly can't spend enough time printing baby clothes, coming up with new designs and making stamps. Isabella's printed legging collection is getting a bit ridiculous now, so I've moved onto tops and other home accessories. I need to control myself otherwise our whole house is going to end up filled with stamped items!
4) First birthday craft projects - I've spent a lot of time this month doing various craft projects, which has been such a treat. The majority of the projects have been for Isabella's birthday party, many of which will be coming up on my blog. It's often so much cheaper to make things and you get that satisfacting feeling that you've made something.
5) BBC Three Series 'Thirteen' - This television series is on BBC3 and is about Ivy Moxam, a girl who after thirteen years of being held captive by her kidnapper, escapes. It's gripping storyline is so thoughtprovoking and emotional. Ivy Moxam is played brilliantly and sensitively by the very talented actress, Jodie Comer. I've been hooked during the past 5 weeks, though now the series has finished I've been left with so many unanswered questions. Anyone else that's watched it feel the same?
6) Hot chocolates and park trips -Now that the weather is starting to cheer up we've been enjoying so many trips to the park. The obligitory hot chocolate is a must to keep warm though, we're still in England after all. As I've mentioned previously, Isabella loves the swings and has enjoyed practising her walking too.
7) Breakfast in bed - Ok so this hasn't been a regular occurrence, but it was such a treat on Mother's Day. I was woken up by my husband and Isabella who had made french toast with fruit, pot of tea and fresh orange juice. Can I please have this more often?!
8) Candle lit evenings - While sorting the house out ready for Isabella's birthday party we found a couple of boxes we hadn't sorted out since moving into this house. They were filled with candles, lanterns and general ornaments that we simply can't have out now that Isabella is on the move. Looking in the boxes was like looking back at our life prior to having a baby! We found such a ridiculous number of candles, so we've been burning them every night in an attempt to use some of them up. It's been so nice having more of a relaxed atmosphere in the evening, even if I'm still working or blogging.
9) Nom-Nom Kids Pouches -We were kindly sent some of the new Nom-Nom Kids pouch designs a while ago and have been loving them this month. Isabella's had a bit of a cough/cold during March and has therefore been eating a lot of yogurt. Spooning some into a pouch means it can be easily eaten on the go and the new slightly bigger size makes them perfect for the amount Isabella's been eating each meal time.
10) Nursery settling in sessions - I honestly can't believe these would be in my favourites. But since they have been such a positive experience I couldn't not put them in. Isabella's settled in well and I've been enjoying spending an hour or so just relaxing. I haven't done that for almost a year, so was well overdue!
What have you been loving this month?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

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