Wednesday 19 October 2016

CHILDREN: 9 Rainy Day Activities in Autumn

Autumn is here and isn't it just beautiful? Nature changes so much and Isabella is loving watching everything change around her. Below are nine of our favourite rainy day activities, because although autumn is beautiful it isn't always filled with sunny days.

Babycchino with homemade mini gingerbread man - To create the babycchino warm up some milk (either in the microwave or saucepan) and froth it up. You could use one of those hand held frothers or a whisk. I made some refined sugar free mini gingerbread men because they were for Isabella (see recipe here), but you could buy some or make your own.   
CHILDREN: 9 Rainy Day Activities in Autumn

Threading leaves - This is an almost free activity to enjoy with children, thank to the wonders of nature. All you'll need are some leaves, a hole puncher, twig and string. Hole punch some holes into the leaves, tie the string onto the twig and there you have a fun threading activity. It's great for developing fine motor skills.  

Make cinnamon and ginger cloud dough or play doh - Scented play doh is both a sensory experience and a fun way of developing the muscles in children's hand. Moulding play doh is good for when your children learn to write because it helps to build up the strength in their wrist, which is needed for holding a pencil correctly. Cinnamon and ginger are classic autumnal scents, a little goes a long way when making the play doh!

Paint with nature - You don't need to buy paintbrushes, you can paint with sticks, leaves, pine cones, conkers, potatoes, carrots etc. Printing, painting, mark making can all be done with nature, so why spend money on other equipment?  

Make a leaf hedgehog - I've had these pinned on my Pinterest board for a long time and finally autumn is here for us to make them! They're seriously cute and easy to make, all you need is a hedgehog outline on card, glue and autumnal brown leaves.

Bake and decorate gingerbread men - Gingerbread men are a childhood classic and perfect for autumn. Isabella really enjoyed decorating them with raisins, nuts, dried tropical fruit and coconut. Even if she did eat most of the decorations before they made it onto the gingerbread men.

Make a den, eat cinnamon popcorn and watch a film (or in Isabella's case the first 10 minutes!) - Homemade popcorn has been one of Isabella's favourite snacks once I realised how easy it is to make. All you do is pop a teaspoon a coconut oil into a large saucepan, add the popcorn kernels, place the lid on, jiggle the pan around and wait for the popping to stop. I then sprinkle on some cinnamon for that autumn feel and we've been enjoying it while snuggled up in a den watching Room on the Broom.

Make an autumn leaf wreath - Another activity where the majority of the thing you'll need are from nature. Cut out the centre of a paper plate, place glue all the way around the outside, stick on leaves, small conkers, acorns, anything autumnal you can find and leave to dry. You can then sellotape a loop of string to the back and hang it on a door or handle.

Cosy up and read a book - Choose your favourite autumnal book, cosy up under a blanket and read it. Simple but quality time spent together.
What are your favourite things to do during autumn?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

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  1. Aww these ideas are so lovely! We made cinnamon and gingerbread play dough the other day! I love the idea of adding a scent to cloud dough too though! We are doing leaf crafts this afternoon. We do a wreath every year, and i had a number of other ideas, but I love your hedgehogs! #picknmix

  2. Fab ideas there, thank you! Been also pinning loads of ideas to try with my two-year-old for rainy days, so will definitely try some of your activities. Definitely loving the leaf hedgehog! #TheList

  3. Some fab ideas! You've reminded me that I need to get some glue for the mass amount of leaves that my daughter had collected and left in the front room! Amy x #picknmix

  4. Love the babycino idea and the leaf wreath! #thelist

  5. Great ideas. I love the sound of the leaf threading, so simple, and that leaf hedgehog is brilliant, both my kids would love that one!

  6. All great ideas and I LOVE your pictures. so lovely.
    I will have to try these activities as it is rainy everyday here... and my boys are 20 months old now, they get so bored inside! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh I love the hedgehog! How clever, gorgeous photos as always too. Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  8. I love the idea of the gingerbread men - they look so cute! #picknmix

  9. I love the idea of the gingerbread men - they look so cute! #picknmix


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