Saturday 31 December 2016

PREGNANCY #2: 17 Week Update

I've continued to feel a lot more positive this week, which has been such a relief. After spending so many months not feeling like myself I'm enjoying being 'me' again. Nothing major has happened pregnancy wise, however in life it's been a busy festive period. We travelled around here, there and everywhere over Christmas, which was both lovely and exhausting. It felt so strange to think there will be another little human joining us next Christmas!

Though I'm still feeling a lot more tired than usual the fatigue is certainly starting to give a little bit. I've even managed to stay up to 8.30/9pm a few times this week! Wild, I know. However, I am still feeling very lethargic - I've been really wanting to go on a winter walk but the idea exhausts me. I can't work out if that's because I've been so lazy for the past few months thanks to morning sickness or that pregnancy is taking its toll.

My back and nerve pain has been alright this week, which has been such a relief. In fact sleeping has been more comfortable as well. I'm sleeping with one normal pillow under my head and hugging one, to support my ever so small bump. I'm really paranoid about the size of my bump and that it is too small, probably because I expected to be huge as I've already had Isabella (no tummy muscles and all). I'm sure it is absolutely fine, it's perhaps my desperation for a big bump again because when I don't wear something bodycon I don't look pregnant at the moment. Believe it or not!

Probably the biggest news from this week is that I haven't been sick ALL WEEK!! Yes I've gagged and wretched, but not properly sick - oh yesss! I'm still pretty sensitive to smells, but food is less of an issue. I've been enjoying spicy cheese and crackers, as well as enough roast dinners to sink a ship.

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Helen x

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  1. I am 16 + 4 (Or round about that) and onto my third baby in 3 years and I am also worried that this time I am too small? Is baby growing? What is going on? I am sure I was much bigger with my second at this stage? I am sure by now I looked pregnant whereas at the moment I just look like me?

    Glad you morning sickness is better and hope it just gets better and better for you

    1. I'm exactly the same - I'm convinced I should be bigger this time around, but it seems not so. Maybe we'll pop later down the line :)

      Helen x


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