Saturday 14 January 2017

PREGNANCY #2: 19 Week Update

This week has been all about the movements, causing me both so much worry and so much delight. At the start of the week the kicks weren't as apparent, perhaps because I was so busy at work so didn't have the time to concentrate on monitoring it. By Tuesday I was really starting to worry and decided to share my worry with my husband. Just as I said it the baby kicked a good strong kick and hasn't stopped since! I think it has been doing a fair bit of growing this week as I can really feel the kicks and now have that uncomfortable feeling under my ribs when leaning over. I spend most of my time forgetting I'm pregnant, so when I suddenly feel a kick/movement it really makes me jump. That is until I remember that there's a baby growing!

We're really looking forward to our 20 week scan next week, though we've seen this baby a fair few times already you can't ever see them too much. I'm hoping to hear the heartbeat this time  (do they do that at the 20 week scan? I can't remember!), as we are yet to hear it. This scan will be the last baby related appointment I'll have until March, they really do let second/third/fourth time mums-to-be to get on with it.

Cravings wise this week it has to be Sharwoods Thai Crackers, something I would never usually eat. I can't go food shopping quick enough this weekend to get a whole stash of them! Though they aren't the best for me, so I should try to minimise my intake I guess. I am struggling to think of healthy vegetarian meals that are good to have while being pregnant, I'd love any suggestions if you have any? I am really keen to not put on much additional weight to the bump weight, I never did lose all of 'baby weight' after having Isabella. So any tips or tricks would be very much appreciated.

I still haven't felt the baby kick from the outside yet, so still have that to look forward to. We must be getting close now, it feels like I keep missing the big kicks and by the time I put my hand on my tummy it's all quiet again. I'll catch them one day! 

What were your pregnancy cravings?

Feel free to leave a comment  - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x
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  1. Ahh all so exciting, half way already!!! My cravings were ribena and rice krispie squares...together.
    Thank you for joining us at #SundayBest - hope to see you again tomorrow! xx

  2. How exciting! I didn't hear the heartbeat at the 20 week scan but I could see the heart beating away which was just as lovely. Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x


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