Friday 12 May 2017

#LITTLELOVES: Mum to Be Pampering, All the Craft Projects and Loneliness

Happy Friday everyone! Thank goodness it's Friday is all I can say. It's been my first week of maternity leave and in all honesty I've felt pretty lonely at times. I'm rubbish at being by myself for long days and with Isabella still going to nursery three days a week I'm spending most of the week alone. It's been great for a 'getting things done' point of view, but in reality it's been hard at times to stay positive. I know I need to make the most of it and I was filling my diary up with various appointments, seeing friends etc. but then my car broke one day into maternity leave. This has left me stranded in our village with the scary prospect of having to buy a new car at the weekend (if you're interested as to why this is such a scary prospect for me then feel free to read my FAMILY: When life (quite literally) flips upside down blog post). Anyway it's almost the weekend and we have the Mums & Tots group in our village today, so yay to adult conversation!

Isabella's new bedroom is coming along nicely, with the woodwork being painted this week. It's meant I've been sorting out her nursery in readiness for the big move and came across a pile of books hidden underneath the armchair. We must of put them away when we put her Christmas books out and completely forgotten about them! I love it when you rediscover things you already had - the best kind of 'shopping spree'. Isabella has loved having Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson read to her and can now finish every line off in the book herself. It never fails to amaze me how quickly toddler's pick up things.

Despite being at home all week I've actually not had much time to watch tv, believe it or not. My husband and I have been getting jobs done in the evening (mainly preparing Isabella's new bedroom) that we've not sat down until around 8.30pm. We've then watched an episode of 13 Reasons Why and that's it! One movie I did manage to catch on tv was Miss Congeniality, such a teenage classic. I've also been catching up with One Born Every Minute and as I approach my due date I get more emotional every time I watch it. Especially as my waters broke just as we were sitting down to watch it when I was pregnant with Isabella.

The clutch in my car breaking. Not exactly ideal, but at least it happened while I was picking Isabella up from nursery and was therefore close to home. So the dreaded car hunt has begun again and I'm in need of a slightly bigger car or at least one with a good size boot. Life with two children is going to mean I'll be carrying my whole life around with me I'm sure.

I've pretty much spent my week making one thing or another! I've made a soup for lunch, a couple of crafty DIY projects for Isabella's new bedroom, a sewing project for the baby and batch cooked meals for the freezer. I do love a good 'making' project, now I need to get back onto Pinterest for more craft inspiration.

I'm living in maternity dresses at the moment, as the long-sleeved top/skirt combination wasn't really working anymore. The tops are all too short over my bump now and having your tummy hanging out is never a good look. This denim maternity dress is from H&M and was £10 in the sale, but even this is getting too tight around my bump now! Not sure what I'll be wearing by 40 weeks - any recommendations would be gratefully received.

One thing I have really loved about being on maternity leave is having the time to take care of myself a bit more. This whole pregnancy has passed me by in a blur, so there hasn't been much time for pampering and looking after my expanding body. I was kindly sent this Colief Mum To Be Cream a while ago and have been slathering it all over my body in an attempt to rehydrate my skin. I already have a lot of stretchmark's from when I was pregnant with Isabella, so I was mainly looking for a cream that would keep my skin soft and hydrated. My ankles and feet have been particularly swollen this time around and I've found spending five minutes massaging this cream into them has really helped. I think it's the combination of massaging and that the cream is a very luxurious, creamy texture. Isabella has loved helping to rub the cream into my bump too, which is just the most adorable thing. She spends the whole time telling her little sister what she's doing, while trying to listen to her heartbeat.

What have you been loving this week?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x

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  1. Lovely post, I think I have just fallen in love with that chair though!! Good luck with the car shopping as with two children its a mine field!! car seat room/boot space, are you going to need as much boot space in two years etc, etc id stay at home and just put my feet up if I was you!


  2. I remember those first weeks of maternity leave.. they're so strange aren't they! I'm sure once baby is here you'll be wishing for those quiet days (I know I did sometimes haha). Good luck car hunting! xx

  3. I love having time to myself but usually end up feeling lonely, the house always seems so quiet without little voices. Miss Congeniality is such a feel good classic I love Legally Blonde too. Have a lovely weekend. #LittleLoves

  4. Sorry to read that you've felt a little lonely this week. It's a big change isn't it? It'll take a little adjusting to.. and then baby will come along and it will be all change again!
    Good luck hunting for your new car lovely. xx

  5. You sound like you've been super busy. I always used to watch OBEM when I was pregnant, but haven't watched it since! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  6. Oh Helen! I hope this weekend isn't too stressful with the car hunt - it's the kind of thing I HATE. Bloody cars, eh? Fingers crossed you're back on wheels soon and aren't trapped inside the house. That maternity dress is gorgeous too!

  7. I think I lived in pyjama bottoms the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy with Matilda - those and some black jersey wide leg trousers which were basically pyjama bottoms in disguise. Jeans were an absolute no-go. Aren't maternity tights great, though? So supportive of your big bump!

  8. I just read your other post, you poor things that sounds absolutely terrifying! No wonder you're not keen on looking for a new car. Love that chair and what a gorgeous bump shot too. Hope you find a car you're comfortable with and your second week of maternity leave is better than the first x

  9. It must hard to get used to maternity leave bet you can't wait for baby to arrive fab post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  10. Maternity leave can be lonely so i hope the next week is better. I still find i have to get out most days. I just read your car accident post. I'm not surprised you find car shopping stressful. I hope you are getting sorted. I cant wait to see the childrens rooms when you finish.

  11. I hope you managed to get a new car, I live in a rural area with few transport links and my car is a lifeline, without it life can be isolating. Your decorating ideas are beautifully stylish, I too have fallen for that chair and love the stars. Monkey Puzzle is one of my favourite children's books I have warm, fuzzy memories of reading it with lots of animal voices.


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