Wednesday 11 October 2017

MICRO SCOOTER: What is the difference between the Mini Micro 3in1 & Mini 2 Go?

Micro Scooter has a variety of scooters suitable from 12 months+, all of which will last until their 5th birthday. They therefore are ideal 'first' scooters for your little one to enjoy and to learn the skill of how to scoot. I have already written full reviews on both the Mini Micro 3 in 1 Deluxe* and Mini 2 Go Deluxe Plus*, which you can read here and here, so I thought it would be interesting and helpful to do a comparison between the two. There are lots of similarities between the two scooters, but also a range of differences that may make one more suitable for you than the other. 

Below are the similarities between the Mini Micro 3 in 1 Deluxe and Mini 2 Go Deluxe Plus scooters:
  • Start as ride-on scooters
  • Transform as child gets older
  • Built to last until the child's 5th birthday
  • Adjustable T-bar handles
  • Padded seating
All of these features are on both scooters, making them perfect scooter choices for toddlers to grow up with. Isabella has loved using them as ride-on scooters, as well as with the T-bar and because they are both so quick to transform between their different stages it makes life easier. Personally, I'd highly recommend choosing the scooters with adjustable handles because although Isabella is only 2.5 years old she already needed the T-bar adjusted to be higher. It also means that your child can be in the optimum position to scoot effectively.

What is different between the two scooters? 

Though the basic features are similar, there are a few main differences as well as some smaller ones that are all worth considering when making a purchase. 

Below are the differences between the Mini Micro 3 in 1 Deluxe and Mini 2 Go Deluxe Plus scooters:
  • Parent support. The Mini 2 Go Deluxe Plus has a parent steering pole, so that your child can be pushed along while sitting on the scooter. We've found this to be a brilliant alternative to the pram, especially on a recent holiday because the scooter is a lot more compact than taking a pushchair. There are little foot rests, so that your child can keep their feet off the ground. It does take a bit of skill to steer the scooter as it turns by leaning rather than steering from the front, but once you've got it it's a very effective way of sparing your toddler's tired legs.
  • Age. The Mini Micro 3 in 1 is suitable from 12 months+, whereas the Mini 2 Go is suitable from 18 months+.
  • Seat size varies. The 3 in 1's seat is a lot slimmer, whereas the 2 Go has a wider more substantial seat. Depending on your child's ability to balance will depend which seat size is best for them.
  • Storage. The Mini 2 Go has a storage container underneath the seat, which also lights up. The light is a fun addition, especially during the darker autumn/winter afternoon and evenings. The storage container is a really good size and ideal for keeping toys, nappies, wipes etc. in when you're out and about. There is no storage on the 3 in 1 scooter.
  • Weight. The Mini 2 Go is slightly heavier than the 3 in 1, probably due to the steering pole and storage container. We all know that as parents we are often left carrying the scooter, though both of these could fit underneath our pushchair (the Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System for reference). 
  • Number of stages. The 3 in 1 has three stages (seat, O-bar and adjustable T-bar), whilst the Mini 2 Go has four stages (seat with steering pole, seat by itself, seat without storage unit and T-bar). 
I can't say that I recommend one of these scooters of the other because they offer slightly different experiences and will therefore suit different people. Personally, if I was buying for a young toddler I would start with the Mini 2 Go because the steering pole makes pushing them along a lot easier (no need to bend down), the seat is larger and the storage unit is an added bonus. If I was buying a scooter for a slightly older toddler (2-2.5 years+) then I'd probably go for the Mini Micro 3 in 1 because it is lighter, the narrower seat seems to make it easier for toddlers to push themselves along with their feet and you're not going to 'waste' the steering pole.

Isabella's Mini Micro 3 in 1 Adventures

Isabella's Mini 2 Go Adventures

Micro scooter also have a fun range of accessories that are not only for safety, but for style too. They have an impressive range of helmets for all different sizes, with over 25 designs and colours to choose from. Below you can see the Micro Children's Helmet in Elephant* (£27.95) and in Candy Pink* (£22.95). The quality of the helmets is outstanding, Isabella finds them very comfortable to wear and most importantly they keep her safe when scooting. The adjustable straps and extra padding enable you to properly secure the helmet, again increasing the safety of scooting outdoors. 

Other accessories available include baskets, flowers, windmills, bells, lights, bottles and shoulder straps. One of Isabella's favourite accessories has been the Elephant Lunch Bag* (£9.95) because it doubles up as a backpack too. Being a fiercely independent toddler she likes to be able to carry her own lunch/snacks around and the fact that the bag can also be attached to the scooter means that I'm not left carrying it when she gets tired! It is also fully insulated to help keep food and drink cool. 

Which scooter do you think would suit your little one the most?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. What a great conparesment between the two - i love this brand as well they produce a great products and are fantastic for you g kinds

  2. They look all adorable! I love scooters with a seat, at least the little ones can have a rest when they're too tired to scoot :)

  3. This is such a useful comparison I didn't even realise there were two to choose from! I think it's really useful to have a seat when they are tired.

  4. Thank you for the comparison :) Ill be happy to add it to this years christmas shopping list for the niece and nephew.

  5. Great reviews with lots of lovely bright pictures of the products. They look so appealing. Our kids used to have those sharp scratchy metal ones when they were younger, nothing like these.

  6. These are both fab and it's nice to see a combination post. It's easier to see the differences then

  7. I like the idea of the storage unit, would be so handy for nappies and wipes when using instead of a pram.

  8. Sebby had the mini micro when he was a toddler and having a pole would have made so much difference. Love that it has storage too :)

  9. Oh wow, these look so sweet. Beautiful photos and great review :) My Daughter had the micro scooter when she was little. It lasted years and years. They are so hard wearing :)

  10. My son has the mini micro, he got it for his second birthday and now at two he is a scooter pro. They are fab scooters and we have brought both of our children them. This is really useful for parents unsure which scooter to go for x

  11. That’s impressive I didn’t know they had more similarities than differences and like that they both have seats though differ in size

  12. This is a very thorough comparison. They really are all singing and all dancing, amazing.

  13. What a brilliant idea to compare the two scooters. Perfect for parents trying to decide what one Father Christmas might bring. Clever. And I love the accessories too!

  14. My eldest has a scooter but U hadn't really thought about the little one getting one since he was too little. But I think he could probably use this. I love that it has storage so essential if you are out and about. I also had no idea that it would take them up to age five thats really worth the investment.

  15. Great review, these are so cute and such a fabulous idea to pitch the both against each other - i know which one my little one is needing now!

  16. This was really helpful as I've been looking at getting Ophelia one for her birthday. I like the parent support feature where you can push the one along x

  17. cool review. We have just got a scooter for my middle child - they love it. Now looking for one for my eldest

  18. I didn't really know anything about micro scooters but this was a really clear comparison of the two models. I may look out for one for Zach

  19. With Xmas coming up you definitely need to share this again! Hugely helpful! And if you wouldn’t mind doing a learning tablet comparison too I’d appreciate it �� xx

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