Monday, 2 October 2017

PARENTHOOD: Cheeky Chompers Muslin Collection

Cheeky Chompers is a brand I've loved since having Isabella; their unique baby teething products were such a hit and the pattern range are so beautiful. Isabella used the Neckerchew and Comfortchew lots when she hit the joyous phase of teething, which really helped to relieve her discomfort and were ideal as teething relief 'on-the-go'. Now, two years later Cheeky Chompers have extended their incredible range to include the Cheeky Blanket, Chewy the Hippo Teether and the exciting new Muslin Collection.

The new Muslin Collection is a range of Cheeky Chompers products made from breathable 100% organic muslin, making them really soft and natural. They have their award winning Neckerchew, Comforter, Neckerbib, Little Box of Cheekiness Gift Set and finally the Multimuslin in the Collection. Each of these products are available in four beautiful patterns: Silver Stars, Cheeky Hippo, Zebra Dreams and Rosy Days. I love the choice of patterns, something for those who prefer more neutral designs, as well as those who love a bit of colour.

Personally, I think the most exciting product in the new Muslin Collection is the Multimuslin* - it will change your parenting life! A beautiful organic muslin cloth, which has six clever uses:

Breastfeeding cover - I have always struggled with balancing a muslin cloth over my shoulder to cover up when breastfeeding in public. It always falls off or Poppy will pull it off, leaving me rather exposed. The Multimuslin has two detachable rings that click together at the back of your neck to provide you with a secure nursing cover. I have loved using this in public because it is one less thing to worry about; I can now lean forward to help or play with Isabella and have no risk of being exposed.

Pram cover - The two detachable clips can also be used to attach the muslin to a pushchair when shade is needed or some darkness for a nap. You must use your parent judgement as to whether it is safe to do this, so that your child doesn't overheat. The Multimuslin is made from a single layer breathable lightweight muslin with an open weave, so is one of the better options for keeping your child shaded. I have been using it for this purpose on slightly cooler days, as to minimise the risk of Poppy overheating and the darkness has helped her fall asleep on many occasions.

Teething rings - The two detachable clips double up as super-safe silicone teething rings. They can be joined together to offer teething children comfort and although we aren't using them yet the time will come soon.
Burp Cloth - One of the more classic uses for a muslin cloth, draping it over your shoulder in order to catch any sick when burping your baby. You can attach the two clips together around yourself, like you were making the breastfeeding cover, but this time pop your baby on top of the muslin. This helps to prevent the all too familiar scenario of a muslin cloth not quite covering where your baby decides to be sick. I've also been so impressed with how absorbent it is, especially for something so lightweight. 

Swaddle - As the Multimuslin is made from such breathable material it is the perfect swaddle for babies. Swaddling can offer babies with such comfort and helps to minimise how much their startling wakes them up when they're sleeping.
Blanket - The super soft aspect of this muslin makes it ideal for using as a blanket; it's so snuggly for babies to wrap up warm with. You can also use the detachable clips to attach it to a pushchair or pram, meaning there'll be no more dropped blankets on a rainy, cold day. 
The Neckerchew* has been a firm favourite from Cheeky Chompers and now you can buy them in the new Muslin Collection. The difference being that they are made from 100% soft organic muslin, which is just so gentle on babies skin. The Neckerchew has a soft pliable textured chewy teething triangle offering babies with much needed relief. I remember these being such a big hit when Isabella was a baby and because they were integrated into a bib it was easy to take out with us and never got lost!
What's your favourite use of the Multimuslin?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. These looks idea for my sister's new baby. Going to show her this post late on today!

  2. I don't yet have kids but the brand seems lovely and makes amazing products, my nephew loved his neckerchew when it was a baby

  3. Not a parent myself but my sister would definitely love this.

  4. What gorgeous patterns we loved their products when Blake was a baby so it's lovely to see they have expanded their range.

  5. What a fab range and I love the colour. I loved buying stuff like this when my boys were younger x

  6. These are so cute! I love a good muslin and this one is so multi-functional. The neckerchew is awesome and I was just thinking of getting one for my little lady

  7. I like the sound of this Multimuslin. It looks very useful and super cute.

  8. I love the zebra design - so cute. I swore by giant muslins and love the addition of a teether too

  9. I've seen this around before and I absolutely love the designs - they are so cheeky!

  10. Aw I love the designs they are so lovely. She look so cute smiling at the camera and swaddled in one of the muslims. I am due soon and definitely love the style of these muslims so I will be popping over to have a little look xx

  11. Wowee! It looks like a great multi function design. My mummy used to use a boring muslin cloth and it was too small for a bf-ing cover!

  12. What a fab product, got loads of functions to it. She looks very happy with it!

  13. Oh that's just gorgeous... the photos and the product!

  14. We're trying for another baby at the moment. This is on the top of my to buy list. It would be so perfect as a breastfeeding cover. x

  15. These look great! I feel so out of the loop and it's only been 2 years haha. I live the swaddle photo!

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