Friday 20 October 2017

PHOTOSHOOT: Behind the Scenes at Bambino Mio

Yesterday as I write this, but 4 weeks ago for you now, we had the most incredible day attending a photoshoot for Bambino Mio, a reusable nappy company. It all started when I saw on Facebook that they were asking for parents local to Northamptonshire to put their baby/toddler forward for a photoshoot. As we live near Northamptonshire I thought it could be a fun day out and emailed a few photos of Poppy over (Isabella was too old, as they were looking for children between 3-24 months), not really expecting to hear anything back. However, when an email popped into my inbox a few days later asking for Poppy to be involved in the shoot I couldn't have been more excited. After a few emails back and forth all of the arrangements had been made, location details given and Monday 18th September 2017 was firmly in my diary. 

The brief for the photoshoot was for Poppy to wear neutral clothes with no obvious motifs or patterns, as well as to bring some pyjamas and summer clothes. After lots of deliberation (Poppy was at that awkward age when 0-3 months was getting a bit small for her, but 3-6 months was far too big still) we settled on a couple of white babygrows, a romper suit, floral dress and some summer hats that were far too big. 
On the day we were told to arrive at 10am and when we pulled up we were faced with this simply stunning house. Think Pinterest/Instagram heaven. We were greeted by some of the filming team and taken through to the dining room to settle in for the morning. Then we met some of the Bambino Mio team, who made us feel at ease and offered us a drink. We were the first people to arrive for the shoot, so we had the dining room and living room to ourselves for a while. Isabella loved having all the space to explore! Then another lady and her beautiful daughter arrived; we got chatting and loved listening in to what the film crew were doing. It was so fascinating witnessing the behind the scenes of filming, seeing all the equipment and the set up to get the best light.
After about an hour Poppy was up first for filming, so we headed upstairs to the front bedroom where white screens, black screens, a haze machine, monitors, cameras and light boxes had all been set up. I felt like a sponge; constantly trying to take it all in, learn as much as possible and assist Poppy being the model. A cot had been set up in the bay of the window, which is where the film crew wanted Poppy to start. She lay in the cot, while they filmed her and I was directly behind the camera trying to make her laugh. The only way to get Poppy to laugh is to talk 'baby' to her, so in front of the nine or so crew members there I was talking like a baby and making gurgling noises. The things we do as parents! Luckily, Poppy was pretty chilled and gave lots of smiley faces, such a relief. I was so scared she was going to cry the whole time and they wouldn't be able to get the shots they needed. 
The next shot was with a model mummy lifting Poppy out of the cot and turning her round, so that the camera could see her Bambino Mio nappy. It was a bit tricky at first because Poppy was arching her back and she was only 3 months so her head needed supporting too. The crew then asked how I usually pick Poppy up and I panicked; I just couldn't think how I do it, I just do it. If that makes sense? Anyway, after an explanation and demonstration I had showed the model how I would usually pick Poppy up and they started filming again. 
Every now and again they would put a haze machine (a bit like a smoke machine) on, which I think was to make the images less harsh. From what I could pick up the haze softens the lines, making the shots less harsh. It was so interesting; I had no idea that's what happens. After almost an hour of filming Poppy was getting really tired, so I was called in to give her a cuddle to settle her. The film crew were so considerate to Poppy's needs and didn't want to just 'press on' when she was grizzly, hungry or tired. Whilst I was giving her a quick feed/cuddle the crew were reviewing the footage to see which parts they could potentially use. At which point Poppy fell asleep in my arms, it's hard work being a model. So I lay her in the cot and they filmed her asleep too, quite literally sleeping on the job. Only babies can get away with that!
Poppy was ready for a break, so I headed back downstairs and it was the other baby's turn to shoot. By this time the slightly older babies had arrived; I believe there were six babies in total. They had a delicious lunch delivered to the house, so I tucked into a delicious avocado sandwich whilst Poppy had a nap. It was all so well organised with plenty of drinks and snacks we could help ourselves too. 
After lunch it was time for Poppy's final shot of the day, so with a quick nappy change we were back upstairs. This time it was in a little nook with a beautiful stain glass window, which is where we met the second model, Meg from the blog Wonderful You. It was completely unexpected, but so lovely to meet someone who I've watched on YouTube and read their blog for years. Meg was so friendly and did a couple of different shots with Poppy. I was just behind the camera trying to get Poppy to look at Meg and smile. If I stood just slightly to the side then Poppy would look at me, which wasn't the desired shot. This scene only took a few minutes because Poppy was well rested and back to being smiley again.
Just like that it was all over. Poppy had done all of the scenes she was needed for for the day and it was time for the other babies to be filmed. I really didn't want to leave because it was so much fun learning about what goes on behind the scenes, it's like nothing I've ever experienced before. I feel so thankful to Bambino Mio for giving me a chance to experience it, as well as to all the crew, models and parents there on the day who really did make it such a special day to me and my little family.

You can watch the finished film here - it is the video called 'Growing with your family for 20 years'.

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Helen x


  1. Oh what an interesting experience - I hope you got to keep some of the photos.

  2. Those are lovely photos and I'm also loving the house! Years from now, when your kids are older, you can tell them all about this with matching photos to show :)

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  6. These memories you will have forever. One day in 25 years to come you will sit back and feel warm over all these memories you have created with your beautiful children <3

  7. This sounds like an amazing experience. Lovely shots you got here.

  8. Sounds like a great experience. Your photos are lovely Hun x

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