Wednesday 24 January 2018

TV SERIES: 35 Gripping Shows to Watch. 3 Words to Explain Why.

Getting into a gripping TV series is the perfect way to relax, make the most of those treasured nap times or enjoy in evening with a glass of wine. Every time I meet up with my mummy friends we are sharing our latest favourite TV series, so I thought I'd put together thirty five of my favourite TV series. These aren't the only gripping series out there, but these are the ones I've watched and can therefore personally recommend. Is there anything better than putting that to-do list down during nap time, snuggling under a blanket with a hot cup of tea and tasty treat to watch your latest favourite TV series? Some of these I recommend are available on Netflix, others are on Sky or mainstream TV. There are also a few that I don't think are available to watch anymore, but I wanted to include them in case they pop up on iPlayer or Netflix in the future.

To keep things simple I also thought I'd include 3 words to explain what the series is about and why you should watch it. You'll probably notice pretty quickly that I prefer crime, murder, police dramas (and it was so hard to not use those words for every series listed!), so if that's your preference too then I hope you find a new series to spend the next few days watching.
Broadchurch - Missing. Gripping. Unexpected.

Motherland - Funny. Relatable. Playground.

Designated Survivor - President. Deceit. Political.

McMafia - Gangs. Thriller. Crime.

The Missing - Abduction. Emotional. Obsession.

The Tunnel - Eurotunnel. Investigation. Killer.

Luther - Murder. Detective. Passion.

Happy Valley - Police. Yorkshire. Kidnap.

Line of Duty - Anti-corruption. Shooting. Mistake.

Mr Robot - Technology. Complicated.

Narcos - Drugs. Columbia. Subtitles.

Bancroft - Dark. Evidence. Revelation.

Doctor Foster - Affair. Suspicion. Shock.

Riveria - Glamour. Sun. Secrets.

The Sinner - Mother. Stabbing. Mystery.

Tin Star - Canada. Oil. Tragedy.

Thirteen - Captive. Escape. Family.

Prison Break - Brothers. Clever. Tattoo.

Marcella - Divorce. Investigation. Familiar.

Ozark - Money. Complex. Relocation.

13 Reasons Why - Teenager. Suicide. Tapes.

Homeland - CIA. Terrorism. Bipolar.

Orange is the New Black - Prison. Change. Women.

Making a Murderer - Innocence. Suspect. Real.

Whitechapel - Ripper. Murders. Investigation.

The Wrong Mans - Phone. Mistake. Unexpected.

Kiri - Abduction. Blame. Supervision.

Silent Witness - Forensics. Crime. Pathologists.

Southcliffe - Gunshots. Community. Devastation.

Glue - Secrets. Countryside. Murder.

Three Girls - True. Courage. Frightening.

Game of Thrones - Fantasy. Epic. Bloodshed.

Lucky Man - Bracelet. Action. Fortune.

The Night Manager - Guns. Infiltrate. Ruthless.

Hard Sun - Detectives. Pre-Apocalyptic. Viewpoints.
So there you have it, my top recommendations for TV series that will truly get you gripped. Also, if you're in need of a new snack whilst watching endless back to back episodes then I'd highly recommend the Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat Crisps. An ingenious and innovative concept that will revolution your crisp eating experience - think freshly cooked crisps with a delicious dip too. There are two flavours (Sea Salted and Cheese & Chive), both of which come with a different dip (Tomato Salsa or Caramelised Onion) to complement the flavour. To 'Heat & Eat' all you have to do is open up the packet, remove the dip and pop in the microwave for 30 seconds. You're left with hot crisps that can be dipped or enjoyed by themselves. They're available in bigger supermarkets, so keep your eye out if you fancy trying something new and exciting. There is also a giveaway on my Instagram to win a box of these crisps, so click here to enter! 
I would absolutely love to know of any of your recommendations because I'm always on the look out for a new series to watch.

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x

*This post contains PR samples. As always, my opinion is 100% honest and my own.


  1. Narcos has been one of our favourites! We need some inspiration of what to watch over the coming month so will pick a few off here thanks for the recommendations x

  2. Oh my I haven't even heard of most of these! I don't really watch TV but hubby might like to look some of them up as he loves a good series

  3. You've listed some of my faves! I love Luther, Prison Break, 13 Reasons Why, Doctor Foster, Line of Duty - I could go on. I also recommend Grimm (on Netflix), Black Mirror, How To Get Away With Murder amongst others

    Victoria |

  4. Thanks for the inspiration. The ones I’ve seen I definitely agree with your choice of words and for the others I am now intrigued!

  5. I MUST watch Happy Valley. I noticed a few nights ago that it's been added to Netflix :) My recommendations are: American Horror Story, Peaky Blinders, Pretty Little Liars and (Brit classic) Come Fly With Me. x

  6. THis is brilliant. Mr Robot definitely is complicated alright! I like the look of those crisps too, any excuse to eat them : )

  7. Prison Break and Homeland are favourites here. I really want to watch The Sinner too. We are currently on Season 7 of Hawaii Five-O

  8. I never watch TV shows when they first come out, I just forget when they are on, I prefer to binge watch them after, I've just started Broadchurch!

  9. I love Ozark and Narcos. Looking forward to the new seasons this year. Just finished Underground and Homeland.

  10. Love the 3 word descriptions, some of them sound very intriguing! The crisps look amazing: I will check out if they are suitable for my allergies!

  11. This is a really cool idea for a post and you did so well at using only 3 words! I loved your description for prison break and I've been really into watching Designated Survivor lately as well :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  12. Lots of shows here I haven't heard of before. Have you seen Dark (on Netflix)? That's the one I've been recommending to people. Must catch up on Designated Survivor though - my husband didn't like it, so we stopped watching, but I want to keep going with it.

  13. A great list and we found Mr Robot far too confusing and weird. My mummy is watch Kiri on telly at the moment and love Broadchurch x

  14. These sounds nice to eat, warming up in the bag...brilliant!

  15. I love Broadchurch as not only is it set in my home County, I love David Tennant too. Love Dr Foster too although it was a silly ending to the second series

  16. Oooo lots of shows I haven’t watched here, I need to check them out, we need some new things to watch x

  17. Just added 5 more shows to my must watch list. I love how you've rounded them up. To Heat and Eat sounds so delicious too. Such a great invention. We always binge watch serious with hot snacks! I need to find these and try them!

  18. Happy Valley and Doctor Foster are THE BEST. Can't wait for the new series.


  19. So glad to see Thirteen on this list! I actually started watching it yesterday on BBC iPlayer, I'm onto episode 5 already - I'm gripped x

  20. I love watching box sets on Sky & Netflix. I have only seen a few things of this list, Orange is the new black, 13 reasons why and Broadchurch. Will have to check some of the others out x

  21. Hey great list of TV Shows. Great to see Ozark and The Tunnel on the list. Great gripping shows. Sad times that Westworld did not make the cut one of our favs.

  22. I loved seeing Thirteen on this list, such an underrated little show with fantastic acting. I hope more people check it out! I’ll have to take a look at some more of your suggestions.

    Vicki |


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