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CRAFT ACTIVITY: Ice Cream DIY Party Bags

CRAFT ACTIVITY: Ice Cream DIY Party Bags
Party bags are one of those things I really love putting together on the run up to a party because I know how excited Isabella gets when we are handed one at the end of other children's parties. That exciting moment you glance inside to see what goodies the bag holds; a classic childhood memory. As their party was going to be ice-cream themed I had a look around to see if there were any party bags already on the market that would fit the theme. I came across a few different 'sprinkles' ones, but nothing that caught my eye too much so I decided we'd have a go at the DIY approach instead.

Hobbycraft is the place to go if your feeling creative and want to have a go at making something yourself, with everything from paintbrushes to specialist craft supplies. These Large White Gift Bags (£3 for 5 pack) seemed like the perfect blank canvas to transform into the world of ice-cream. I decided that the easiest and most toddler friendly way to decorate them would probably be potato stamping, so I set aside an afternoon for Isabella to get stamping. We used three different potato stamp shapes: one cone shaped, one oval and one like a dripping scoop of ice-cream. To make these I simply cut a potato in half long ways, carved out the design and then cut the potato back around it to create a very quick stamper. 

We then used this Ready Mixed Pastel Paint Set (£4 for six pack) from Hobbycraft to stamp on the ice-creams onto each party bag. The paint worked really well and when it dried it was more of a pastel colour, which fitted in perfectly with our theme. Isabella had lots of fun stamping on the designs herself and I like how 'not perfect' the end result was, even if it took a lot of willpower to not intervene at points!
Once they were completely dry we filled them with the ice-cream themed goodies. Firstly, for the baby party guests they got an ice-cream vest from F&F Clothing, a Disney Mini Storybook and a hand iced initial biscuit that I'd made inside a Wilton Clear Party Bag.
The biscuit above was actually just a practice one, the packs each child ended up receiving are below. Their initial and an ice-lolly iced biscuit with sprinkles on, which we actually kept separate from the party bags until we were handing them out at the end of the party incase they broke. 
The older children that attended the party received slightly different things, including ice-cream bubbles from Party Pieces, a Disney activity and story book and family members also received a photo frame with a photo inside. We really wanted to do a photo frame for everyone, but when it came to finding photos of everyone we struggled. This year's goal is to make sure we have photos with all of Isabella's little friends. 
To help with quick handing out at the end of the party I also put initial glitter stickers from Meri Meri (via ASOS) on each party bag. This helped because the contents was different for each child and meant we could add in the biscuits quickly too. It was lovely that Isabella had such a key part to play not only making, but also putting together the party bags ready for their joint party. 
To see the rest of the party and how we displayed these party bags on the big day then head on over to the Joint Birthday Party blog post. 

What are your child's favourite party bag fillers?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

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  1. OMG those bags are incredibly cute! The whole party look adorable, you did a great job :)

  2. Love those crafty party bags, they are ideal to pack with sweets and that all important slice of cake x

  3. These bags are fab. Totally love the personal touch. Might have to get crafty for my dons birthday next month and give this type of thing a bash myself.

  4. I haven’t tried stamping with my two yet but this looks like fun! What I really love though are the letter biscuits! Great idea for my kids’ next birthday I reckon!

  5. This sounds like a really awesome idea and it's creative, what a fun way to get kids involved with it as well with paint stamping. At my little ones party we also done initials on the party bags to help with giving them out, really saves time.

  6. Ahh what a lovely way to get the little involved in making the party bags but I know what you mean about having to relinquish perfection when getting them involved in making this kind of thing!!

  7. I absolutely love this! What a cute idea. It's so nice to put in a little effort and make things more unique and special. You've inspired me to design an ice cream t-shirt for my kids range! xx

  8. What a great idea and so lovely to have personalised too, a very thoughtful party bag

  9. Those party bags are the cutest! What a lovely idea. You could make wrapping paper like this too. My children love party bags so much and I really enjoy putting them together.


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