Tuesday 9 July 2019

FAMILY: Home Cooked Meals for the whole Family made Easy with Gousto

Home Cooked Meals for the whole Family made Easy with Gousto
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Meal planning, food shopping, preparations and the time taken thinking of all of this does seem endless sometimes. Prior to children I would love going food shopping; taking my time to browse the shelves and fill my trolley with all the delicious food. However, since becoming a parent that enjoyment has pretty much disappeared, as it now becomes more of a supermarket sweep experience with the addition of two little children demanding attention, snacks, drinks etc. Gousto is a recipe box service that delivers fresh ingredients and recipe cards straight to your door, making parents life easier when it comes to still having home cooked meals each day. 
Each recipe box delivers quality fresh ingredients, simplicity with easy to follow recipes and measured ingredients, as well as variety with their wide range of meals, from fine dining to family classics to 10-minute meals. There are up to 40 recipes to choose from each week, so your options are certainly not limited and I was impressed with the mixture of meat, vegetarian and vegan options throughout. The process of ordering your Gousto box couldn't be easier, as you simply browse their recipe options, choose either 2, 3 or 4 and how many people you want them for (2 or 4), they'll deliver it straight to your door on any of the seven days a week and then you are free to choose which recipe you want to cook each night. It takes away the time consuming job of meal planning, checking ingredients and food shopping, instead you can choose the meals that suit you and/or your family and wait for the knock at the door. 
As a family we have always enjoyed home cooked meals each day, but the time and effort it takes to think of, find and source different recipes is becoming too much now that we are a family of four, soon to be five. I really love that Gousto does that hard work for you without compromising on the home cooked element, flavour or quality. Each week they have a delicious range of Everyday Favourites, which often include some of the family classics and are child-friendly too. When it came to choosing the four recipes for my family I decided to go for two meat options and two vegetarians options, all serving 4-5 people. This meant that throughout the week I would cook a vegetarian meal for myself and then the meat meal for my husband and daughters, although Isabella and Poppy did also enjoy some of my meals too. 
The four recipes I went for were: Feel Good Fish 'N' Chips, Simply Perfect Spag Bol, 3 Cheese Veg Packed Pasta Bake and Roasted Veg & Feta Bake with Fruity Couscous. I thought that the Fish and Chips, Spag Bol and Pasta Bake would be ideal for the children, which they were so if you're interested in ordering a Gousto box for your family then I'd highly recommend these recipes and they are within the options most weeks. The only changes I made was to use low stock stock cubes as and when necessary to keep the salt content down, but that's down to personal choice. All four of these recipes were absolutely delicious and it's so nice that you get a recipe card to keep/reuse whenever you want to.
I was also really impressed with the portion sizes for each meal because I have to be honest I did think that they would be on the smaller side. However every meal was very generous (with leftovers some days) and on the recipe card you can see the nutritional information regarding each meal, so you know how many calories it is or how much fat/protein etc. it has in. I also think it is really helpful to see the size of each portion because we all know that nowadays our portion sizes have increased massively, so having all of the ingredients weighed out for you helps to ensure you're not subconsciously increasing your portion sizes whenever you cook. 
It was so nice not having to think each evening...what are we having for dinner?...and it was the perfect opportunity to try some different meals/recipes out as a family too. I honestly can't recommend Gousto enough if, like me, you are also looking to make your life that bit easier.

Have you tried a recipe box service before?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. I'm really bad at meal planning so this would be really useful. The meals look really yummy too!

  2. It seems like there are plenty of great recipes that can be delivered. Makes evening meals so much easier I'm sure,

  3. This looks great for those days when you have absolutely no idea what to cook - the food looks delish!

  4. The food really looks delicious and there are so many great choices. I bet this makes meal planning a breeze

  5. I tried Hello Fresh once. It was great for a small family but for a family of 9 we just couldn't do it.

  6. I really enjoyed using gousto when I used them. So simple and delicious recipes!

  7. Great pictures, almost drooling by the end of the post, it's made me so hungry!!x

  8. We tried Gousto and loved it as a treat. Your photos are excellent

  9. I haven’t had the chance to try gustos yet, but home cooked meals are the only way we have meals. It’s the best way to get the most from your food.

  10. It sounds like a great idea. Do they cater to food allergies though? We need to avoid gluten and nuts, so I've always been wary of trying out any of these box services.

    1. When looking at their recipes each week you can search for gluten-free and dairy-free, although I don't think they cater for nut allergies I'm afraid. x

  11. Have heard only good things about Gusto, definitely would love to give them a try one day for sure.

  12. The pasta dishes in particular look delicious! I've not tried Gousto yet but I always hear great things.

  13. OMG Can I just say, I can’t help but drool over the picture! Who would not love to taste this!

  14. I have tried the veggies boxes before but not the recipe boxes - they look fab


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