Tuesday 19 November 2019

HANDMADE GIFTS: Felt Biscuit Play Gift Set for Children

HANDMADE GIFTS: Felt Biscuit Play Gift Set for Children
Taking the time to make your own gifts, whether it be for Christmas, birthday or any other special occasion, is always such a thoughtful and appreciated thing to do. When it comes to gifts for children the options are endless, but why not take the time to make your own this year? Felt is the perfect material for making play sets for children because it is affordable, relatively hardwearing and is available in lots of different colours. I tend to buy a lot of the felt I use for crafting from Hobbycraft, but there are lots of options on places like eBay and amazon too. When it comes to making a felt play gift set you can really let your imagination run wild; this tutorial is for making a biscuit play kit, which can be made in a surprisingly short amount of time. Baking biscuits is a well loved activity for many children, so this mess-free version is the perfect addition to any play kitchen.

What you'll need:
Felt Sheets - 2x A4 Beige (for the biscuit dough) and 1x A4 Pale Pink (for the icing)
Plastic Cookie Cutter in the shape you'd like the biscuit (in this case a heart)
Bright Pink Thread (for the sprinkles)
Beige or cream Thread (to sew the biscuit together)
Cotton Wool or Material Stuffing
Felt tip
Optional additions - Mini Wooden Pastry Brush/Rolling Pin

What to do:
1) Take one A4 beige felt sheet and draw a wavy line around the outside of the whole sheet; this will be the 'rolled out dough'. Cut around the line you've drawn.
2) Place your cookie cutter slightly off centre on your felt 'rolled out dough' and draw around it. Cut out the shape to reveal where your biscuit will have been 'pressed out'. 
3) Take the other A4 beige felt sheet and draw around your cookie cutter twice, cut these out so that you have two identical biscuit shapes. 
4) Then take the pale pink felt sheet and cut out a slightly smaller version of your cookie cutter shape, which will be the icing.
5) Take one of the beige biscuit shapes, place the pink shape centrally on top and sew a running stitch all around the outside of the pink felt, so that it is attached. Use the bright pink thread to sew small 'sprinkles' on top of the pink 'icing'. 
6) Next place the two biscuit shapes on top of each other (with the one that has the 'pink icing' sewn onto on top) and sew a running stitch around the outside, leaving a 3cm gap.
7) Use the gap to stuff in a small amount of either cotton wool or stuffing material, so that your biscuit has more of a 3D appearance. 
8) Finish sewing around the outside of your 'biscuit', so that it is completely sealed. 
9) You can repeat this process until you have the number of biscuits you'd like to include in your gift set. I made some with icing and sprinkles, as well as some without to add a bit of variety. 
10) Once you have all the biscuits you'd like, place the 'biscuit dough' and 'biscuits' into a gift box or bag, along with any additional accessories you'd like to include such as a mini wooden rolling pin or pastry brush. Add a pretty label and your handmade gift set is ready to be given. 
Do you like to make your own gifts?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x



  1. This is so adorable and make a lovely alternative to the cheap plastic sets that you often come across.

  2. These are adorable. They'd make lovely tree decorations, I have some similar so they'd compliment it perfectly x

  3. What a cute idea. My Erin would love something like this.

  4. I love these, but my kids are too old (and too obsessed with the xbox) to want to make things now. They do help me bake Christmas cakes tho

  5. This is such a fun idea. My tween likes sewing. I might see if she would like to try this!


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