Sunday 21 November 2021

BLACK FRIDAY 2021: The Biggest Discount for Nordgreen Watches You'll Find Anywhere!

BLACK FRIDAY 2021: The Biggest Discount for Nordgreen Watches You'll Find Anywhere!
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Black Friday is nearly here, which is probably one of the most anticipated shopping days of the year. Start your Christmas shopping early, while making the most of all of the incredible one-off deals available. Black Friday was very different last year, due to the pandemic, but it's back this year and things are starting to look a lot more 'normal'. After the last year and a half I think a lot of us are really looking forward to treating our loved ones to thoughtful gifts and best of all hopefully be able to see their reaction in person! If you're looking for a really special gift then look no further than Nordgreen, who create the most beautiful women's and men's watches, as well as having a real sustainable focus. This Black Friday they are offering an incredible 35% off their entire range of men's and women's watches using the code 'TEM35' (valid from the 14th to the 30th November 2021). This is the biggest discount you'll find online for them for their Black Friday watches, so is truly an offer not to be missed. Don't miss out on this chance to pick up a Scandinavian designed watch for a third of the price
If you're not familiar with Nordgreen their story began back in 2017 when Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt started building a brand that is actionable towards sustainable practices. They also wanted to create aesthetically pleasing and functional designer pieces, which they most certainly did. It only takes a quick browse on the Nordgreen website to see quite how successful they've already been on this mission. They worked closely with award-winning Chief Designer Jakob Wagner to create a collection of men's and women's watches that are timeless, classic yet practical too. 
The name Nordgreen comes from a combination of 'Nord' linking to their Nordic identity and 'Green' relating to their commitment to our environment. Sustainability really is at the forefront of everything Nordgreen do, from their sustainable packing and the Giving Back Programme to responsible manufacturing and being carbon neutral. At every point sustainable choices are made, which is not only completely inspiring to see such a conscious brand at the forefront of watch design, but also the way our planet needs companies to go. 
Nordgreen plant thousands of trees, which offset their carbon emissions generated by their office in Copenhagen. But they don't stop there, they also offset all of their global shipments, including every Nordgreen watch order. All of their packaging is FSC certified; the cardboard paper comes from responsibly managed forests and the felt inside the watch boxes is formed from up-cycled plastic bottles. They also partner with Danish partners abroad, ensuring that all of their overseas production facilities adhere to the highest standards while following the Danish labour practices. A Nordgreen watch doesn't just make a thoughtful gift for a loved one, but also for the planet too.
Their watches are loved by so many and have featured in GQ magazine, Bazaar, The New York Times, Forbes, The Independent and Vogue, just to name a few. The timeless designs make them perfect for all ages and personal styles too.
The Nordgreen Giving Back Programme is at the heart of the company with the vision of upholding Nordic and Danish values of health, education an environment through partnerships with relatable charitable organisations around the world. Their health partner is with Water for Good, so that when you purchase a watch you will be providing two months of clean water to one person in The Central African Republic. Pratham UK is Nordgreen's education partner, which means that when you buy a watch you will give one month of education to a child in India. Their environmental partner is Cool Earth, which preserve 50 sqm of rain forest in Latin America every time a Nordgreen watch is bought. Customers are given the option to support the cause closest to their hearts, which is such a clever and special touch when buying a watch for either yourself or a loved one. It's these initiatives that not only make Nordgreen stand out, but also improve the lives of people all around the world too.
When it comes to choosing the right Nordgreen watch for either yourself or a loved one you can create a watch that is personal perfection, as you can choose the metal finish, strap design and dial colour. The Philosopher, The Native and The Pioneer are all available in either a Gold, Silver, Gun Metal or Rose Gold metal finish and have a wide collection of strap designs to choose from, including: brown leather, black leather, gun metal mesh, gold mesh, olive green nylon, 3-link, 5-link, silver mesh, brown vegan leather etc. The straps are all interchangeable, so with one watch face you really can create completely different looks without the need for loads of different watches.
The watch featured throughout this post is The Native with a Black Dial in 40mm, Gun Metal finish and 3-Link strap (£159 or £103.35 using the discount code TEM35 at checkout - dates apply). It has the perfect balance between striking sophistication and subtle detailing. The simple yet stylish design suits all occasions, as well as being unisex coming in a variety of different sizes. You can choose from a 32mm, 26mm or 40mm dial size, as well as white, navy or black for the dial colour. As with all Nordgreen watches there are also all of the watch straps to choose from, including 5-link, leather, vegan leather, mesh or nylon. 
The Pioneer is the largest of the men's watches with a 42mm dial size, domed Sapphire crystal protecting the dial and has a handy date display, which makes this a stylish yet functional option for any man. Once again, you can choose the dial colour, strap design and metal finish.

One of the newest designs is the delicate Unika, which comes in two dial sizes (28mm and 32mm) and has the really unique detailing between the watch face and strap. It's sleek and minimalist design makes it stand out amongst ladies watches. Prices vary, but start at £189 or £122.85 using the discount code TEM35 (dates apply).
The Philosopher watch's two piece design and asymmetric second hand gives it such a unique finish. It is classic yet pushes boundaries; a combination that really is very striking. The unisex design comes in either 36mm or 40mm dial sizes, as well as all of the previously mentioned metal finishes and strap options. Again, prices vary depending on the look you want for The Philosopher watch, but prices start at £164 or £106.60 using the discount code TEM35 at checkout - dates apply. 
Last but certainly not least is The Infinity women's watch, which is designed to stand out from the crowd yet blend into everyday life. The deep curvature of the dial and its straightforward construction results in a piece that compliments wrists of all lifestyles. The Infinity comes with all of the previous options to personalise the finished look to your taste and prices start from £154 or £100.10 using the discount code TEM35 - dates apply. 
A watch created by you for a loved one will always be such a timeless and thoughtful gift to give, no matter the occasion. Don't miss out on this rare chance to get 35% off any of the Nordgreen watches using the code TEM35 at checkout between the 14th and 30th November 2021.

Which watch would you choose from their collections?

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  1. What a fantastic discount! I don't know which one I would choose as I like them all! They are such good quality.

  2. I really love the watches featured here. Watches do make great gifts. It's great they have such a big discount so close to Christmas!

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  7. These watches are beautiful and come in a lovely box too, perfect as a gift! That is a fantastic discount too, I love that they are getting involved with Black Friday deals to help people save money on great gifts!

  8. I have a couple of Nordgreen watches and love them, it is also great how you can personalise it to your own style


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