Thursday 31 January 2013

Bakerdays - Delicious Personalised Cakes

As you probably know, I love baking and chocolate! Giving someone a beautifully decorated cake for their special occasion is a very rewarding feeling and personal. But like most people, work and time means that I can't always spend hours baking a moist sponge, then lovingly decorate the cake and finally hand deliver my homemade creation to their front door! If you ever feel like this then you need to know about Bakerdays! It's a company that personalises delicious cakes that fit through your letterbox! Taking away the worry of whether you'll be in to receive the cake or not, it doesn't matter as they neatly fit through your letterbox. The range of personalised cakes is vast on the Bakerday website, including designs for birthday's, christening's, Christmas, driving test, thank you, good luck, get well soon and design your own cake. There really is something for everyone!

Bakerdays kindly sent me one of their cakes designed for Valentine's Day, what a perfect present to give or receive! They had a wide range of design choices for the icing topping, which you could either personalise or not. I chose the '522' design and couldn't believe the quality of the print when I received it! The 'letterbox' cake comes in a cute tin to keep it secure and safe from damage. It's a nice addition to the cake, as you can keep the tin and use it again!

You may be concerned as to whether the cakes are delivered without being knocked around and ruined in the post. Once again Bakerdays have fully thought this through and securely package their cakes on a cake board, in a tin and then within a tightly fitting box, so there is hardly any risk of the cake being damaged during transit!

The quality of the appearance of the cake was amazing, I couldn't believe how clear the image was on the icing that covered the whole cake. Icing is seriously hard to print onto, without getting bulges, smudges or a 'pixelated' image. But Bakerdays have mastered this tough skill, the icing was immaculate, which helped to make the cake look very impressive! I chose a Chocolate Chip Sponge and it was divine, so moist with white and milk chocolate chips in and a light layer of chocolate buttercream covering the cake! Luxurious!

There are other types of sponge available, including vanilla sponge, carrot cake, fruit cake, gluten and wheat free. The cakes start from £14.99 with free delivery on the Bakerdays website.

Have you ordered from Bakerdays before?

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    1. Wow! Thank you very much :) I'll do my part of being nominated today! x

  2. Yum, this looks good! I'd never heard of these before, but they look amazing!

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