Friday, 21 July 2017

#LITTLELOVES: Mini Club Sleepsuits, Making New Friends and Laughter

Happy Friday everyone! This past week has been one of those weeks that started with no plans and turned into a very busy one. One day we even visited the park twice, no one can say I'm not dedicated to trying to exhaust this toddler of mine. Now that I've got a good couple of weeks of parenting two children under my belt I've started to make plans for the summer. I've booked Isabella onto a couple of fun toddler classes that I'm excited to go to with her and Poppy. I'm trying to have something to do every single day it is the three of us, even if it's just a trip to the local park. I'd love it if you shared your favourite summer toddler/baby activities in the comments because I'm always in need of more inspiration.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

FOOTWEAR: The Pure Comfort and Support of Vionic Nala Sandals

As adults we can be pretty bad at keeping our feet appropriately supported, despite spending so much time/money on ensuring our children's feet are fully supported. As someone who suffers from flat feet and increased swelling both during and post pregnancy I know all too well how uncomfortable it can be. During my recent pregnancy I had such swollen feet from around 30 weeks, no matter how much time I spent with my legs raised they just wouldn't go down. The top of my feet became extremely sensitive as the skin was so tight and my soles were therefore put under a lot of pressure. The fact that my feet were already flat meant that standing for any length of time became pretty painful, especially when I hadn't ensured my feet were supported appropriately.

Monday, 17 July 2017

SUMMER RECIPE: Wholemeal Cheese and Marmite Scones

Cheese scones are such a perfect addition to a picnic and one that is sometimes over looked. You can whip up a batch of fresh cheese scones in less than half an hour and children can get involved in making them too! Personally, I don't think you can beat a warm cheese scone served with butter, which slowly melts as you eat it. They can also be enjoyed with chutneys or simply by themselves. As Isabella and I make these so much I was looking around the kitchen for a way to change things up a bit.

Friday, 14 July 2017

#LITTLELOVES: Hard Parenting Week, Failed Baking and all the Babywearing

What a week. Poppy has entered the 'don't put me down' phase of newborn life and it has completely wiped me out. I feel mentally and physically exhausted. I'm also struggling with backache from the constant feeding/carrying, so I need to start looking after myself whenever possible. The week has flown by though and I can't believe we find ourselves with a month old baby. Isabella has been such a delight this week, with so many heart melting moments. She keep hugging Poppy and I and saying 'my best friends ever''s almost too much for my heart to handle in my exhausted state. I'm so lucky!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

RECIPE: White Chocolate Eton Mess Cake

Summer is well and truly here, so what better way to celebrate than with a White Chocolate Eton Mess Cake? I don't know about in your house, but Eton Mess is a summer essential in ours. The combination of fresh berries, cream and sweet meringue makes for the perfect dessert sitting in the garden. The idea for this cake came from when I started maternity leave - I had taken a strawberry and white chocolate cake into work and didn't manage to have a slice before it was all gone. Leaving cake in a work place is a dangerous business! I decided to have a go at making my own version for when I was next together with friends (as much as I'd like to bake a whole cake and eat it I think that would do nothing for the waistline). The addition of strawberry meringues and a variety of fresh berries makes for a deliciously luxurious cake and quite the centrepiece without a lot of hassle or time.

Monday, 10 July 2017

HOME INTERIOR: Toddler Girls Bedroom Reveal

Here it finally is...Isabella's toddler bedroom reveal! This post has taken far longer than it probably should to put together; I'll blame the birth of Poppy (though in reality it is more likely to be because I keep finding more things to add and wanting to retake the photos. Are bedrooms ever finished?). We transformed our spare room, which means that every bedroom in our house is finally decorated now. Only 2.5 years after moving in! The room is a really good size, with a large window and old fireplace. Isabella is one lucky little lady.
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