Wednesday, 24 May 2017

PREGNANCY #2: My Hopes and Wishes for Second Labour

My labour with Isabella wasn't the most straightforward; it was long and ended in needing assistance (not something any pregnant lady wants to hear!). You can read Birth Story: Part 1 here and Part 2 here if you're like me and love a good birth story. Despite that those experiences haven't left me dreading labour round two by any means, in fact there are certain aspects I'm quite looking forward to. Crazy I know. Obviously the end part, when they hand you your squishy (and often pretty slimy) bundle of joy, but also the being looked after part too. I know that probably sounds really selfish or self-centred and I'm really not that kind of person, but I am looking forward to someone caring about me for a bit. That hasn't happened since giving birth last time, as a parent you are constantly giving/looking after others so for the tables to turn for a few hours will be a real treat.


Monday, 22 May 2017

15 WAYS: To prepare for baby number two

Life is about to get pretty busy, as we prepare to welcome our second baby into our family. I've written about how this change makes me incredibly scared (read that post here), but there is a lot of excitement bubbling too. What will she look like? How will Isabella react to seeing her little sister for the first time? I'm excited for some aspects of the newborn days and less excited about others, which is to be expected I'm sure. Whatever is going on in my head doesn't stop that fact that in a matter of weeks we will be a family of four and preparation is key!

Friday, 19 May 2017

#LITTLELOVES: Choc Shot Shortbread, The Unmumsy Mum and New Car

This has been a much more positive week of maternity leave, in fact I've managed to keep so busy I don't know where the week has gone! We managed to buy a new car last weekend, so I've been able to get around and see people. I met my friend's 5 week old baby at the beginning of the week, along with many mummy friends, which was so lovely. I had forgotten quite how small newborn babies are, mind you she was around 7lbs 1oz which is a lot smaller than Isabella ever was outside of my womb. So teeny tiny! I've ploughed through a lot of blogging work, ticked a lot of jobs off the to-do list and finally had carpet put into Isabella's new bedroom. Not long until she moves in there now; I can't believe it!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

ONE MUFFIN MIX: Two Flavours - Banana and Peanut Butter/Lemon Drizzle

One very blustery, miserable day recently Isabella and I turned our hands to a spot of baking. The problem was I couldn't decide what to bake, so headed to our village shop for inspiration. We came away with a bag of lemons, reduced overripe bananas, carton of eggs and caster sugar. This eventually led to us taking a simple muffin mix and creating two different flavours of muffin. Both are classics, there's certainly nothing ground breaking here, but it's a fun activity to do with children and a great way to experiment.

Monday, 15 May 2017

BATHTIME: Natural and Fun Bath Stuff by Good Bubble

Bath time with Isabella is always such a fun time, despite it being part of the bedtime routine. I know some parents prefer to steer away from too much playing on the run up to bedtime, but personally we've not had any issue with Isabella playing and having fun during bathtime. She pretends to swim ('kick kick' in her words), plays with the rubber ducks and has recently wanted to start helping with cleaning herself. The desire for independence of a toddler never fails to amaze me!

Friday, 12 May 2017

#LITTLELOVES: Mum to Be Pampering, All the Craft Projects and Loneliness

Happy Friday everyone! Thank goodness it's Friday is all I can say. It's been my first week of maternity leave and in all honesty I've felt pretty lonely at times. I'm rubbish at being by myself for long days and with Isabella still going to nursery three days a week I'm spending most of the week alone. It's been great for a 'getting things done' point of view, but in reality it's been hard at times to stay positive. I know I need to make the most of it and I was filling my diary up with various appointments, seeing friends etc. but then my car broke one day into maternity leave. This has left me stranded in our village with the scary prospect of having to buy a new car at the weekend (if you're interested as to why this is such a scary prospect for me then feel free to read my FAMILY: When life (quite literally) flips upside down blog post). Anyway it's almost the weekend and we have the Mums & Tots group in our village today, so yay to adult conversation!
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