Thursday, 19 October 2017

BLOGGING: Nominated for my First Ever Award & a Chance to Win £100 of dotcomgiftshop Goodies!

I have been blogging for about four years now and over those years I've learnt a lot. When I first started this blog it was focused around beauty and lifestyle, it then became a wedding blog on the run up to my wedding in 2014 and quickly turned into a pregnancy blog after that. Since April 2015 Treasure Every Moment has been a parenting and lifestyle blog, after welcoming Isabella into the world. I loved sharing our adventures, parenting tips that had helped me, recipes and reviewing some incredible products. Fast forward to June 2017 and we welcomed Poppy into the world. Once again I was on maternity leave and able to focus a lot more time to this little blog of mine. Now I blog about my adventures as a mum of two, as well as recipes, craft activities, tips and tricks.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

BABY: What is the difference between the Ergobaby 360 and OMNI 360?

Ergobaby have recently launched a brand new baby carrier, which is really exciting because I love our Ergobaby 360. Back in August I posted all about my experience of babywearing with the 360 (which you can read here) and despite it being a brilliant carrier there were some things I wish were slightly different. So when I was given the opportunity to try out the Ergobaby OMNI 360* (£154.90) to compare the two carriers I jumped at the chance. I couldn't wait to see if the few things I would change with the 360 had been solved in the OMNI 360, as well as maintaining all the practical features I loved.

Monday, 16 October 2017

HEALTH: The A to Z of Vitamin D with Fultium Daily D3

Vitamin D has had a lot of press recently, especially focused on whether or not people living in the United Kingdom can get enough from natural sources. The 'British weather' isn't exactly known for being all sunshine, so can we really get all the vitamin D we need from the sun? New research has shown that nearly half of people (47%) who don't purchase multivitamins say natural source can provide all the vitamin D they need. However, the experts say that it is almost impossible for many people living in the United Kingdom. It is a potentially confusing area of health, but it is so important to know the facts in order to reduce the risk of health conditions like rickets. 

Friday, 13 October 2017

BABY #2: Our Struggle with Combination Feeding and Tips that Helped

Combination feeding (breast and bottle) is something that we choose to do when Isabella was a baby and it worked really well. We had planned to wait until she was six weeks old, but after what felt like hours of constant feeding we ended up giving her a bottle when she was 3 weeks old. We started with the tiny bottles you can buy with ready made Aptamil in that also come with the teats. Isabella happily guzzled away and that was the start of her combination feeding journey. She would happily swap between different bottles, expressed and formula milk and drank it without a problem. Naively that was what I expected this time around. How wrong was I.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

MICRO SCOOTER: What is the difference between the Mini Micro 3in1 & Mini 2 Go?

Micro Scooter has a variety of scooters suitable from 12 months+, all of which will last until their 5th birthday. They therefore are ideal 'first' scooters for your little one to enjoy and to learn the skill of how to scoot. I have already written full reviews on both the Mini Micro 3 in 1 Deluxe* and Mini 2 Go Deluxe Plus*, which you can read here and here, so I thought it would be interesting and helpful to do a comparison between the two. There are lots of similarities between the two scooters, but also a range of differences that may make one more suitable for you than the other. 

Monday, 9 October 2017

RECIPE: Pumpkin and Chicken Pie with a Halloween Twist

As Halloween is quickly approaching and we went pumpkin picking at the weekend, it only seemed right to cook up some of Isabella's favourite chicken pies with a Halloween twist. The basis of the pie is based around the leftovers from a chicken roast dinner, so really easy and quick to put together. Though I've popped a recipe down below you can swap in or out most of the ingredients to create a pie both you and/or your little ones will love. I often will make a batch of mini pies and then put them in the freezer for a day when there simply isn't time to be cooking from scratch. I will also do a big pile of mashed potato, portion it up and freeze that too. Taking a mini pie and portion of mashed potato out of the freezer and putting it in the fridge the night before makes life so much easier. For the pumpkin in the pie I roasted large slices, then chopped them up, but they are also delicious as part of a meal. I had them as a vegetarian option with a roast dinner, simply with black pepper and fresh sage sprinkled over the top during cooking. Whether this be a 'go-to' weekly recipe or just one to use up those excess pumpkins from pumpkin picking I hope you really enjoy these mini pies.
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