Thursday 3 January 2013

Ginger Beer Vintage Shop - 'enjoying outside living'

While I was on holiday over this New Year in Devon, we visited Lyme Regis in Dorset, which had a beautiful beach and some lovely little shops. In between the shops on the main shopping street I spotted an interesting looking shop called Ginger Beer. The shop's mantra is 'enjoying outside living', which is defiantly shown throughout the shop. It really stood out, with a lot of vintage, rustic items outside of the shop ready for you to explore, which I love!

The shop was opened in 2005 by three people who love everything about outdoors living. I love it when you know that a shop is run by people who genuinely enjoy what they are doing, I think that passion is shown through how the store is presents to customers, the friendly service and well-thought out stock. From visiting this store all these aspects are very much present, I was served by a very friendly lady and it was one of those vintage shops that you could spend hours in rooting around it's wide range of stock!

Unfortunately I didn't take any photographs of the shop, so here are some off their website:

As it was just after Christmas when I visited they had a generous 50% off their Christmas Decorations and Crackers. So I picked up this gorgeous hanging heart decoration, which could actually be used all year around. It has a large metal heart, with a smaller red, dotty heart hanging in the middle. Full price it was £1.50, so with 50% off I got it for 75p!

You can buy a small number of items off their website but there is a much wider range in their shop, so if your lucky enough to live near Lyme Regis or ever go there on holiday Ginger Beer is well worth a visit! If not, check out their website -

Not only does it have lovely, vintage, high quality products but it is great to support smaller, local shops :)

Have you been to Lyme Regis and been lucky enough to visit Ginger Beer?


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