Tuesday 12 February 2013

Lovely Gifts for Mum's To Be :)

If you read my blog on a regular basis you will know that I am a very excited Auntie to be! In May my little nephew or niece will be born and it will be the first baby in my partner's and my families. I have written a post about unique gifts for babies, because I was finding it hard to find interesting gifts that weren't your 'standard' baby presents. You can read this blog post here.

As you may have established I LOVE buying people presents, other than rent most my money goes on gifts! So finding out that my sister-in-law was pregnant prompted a desire to buy anything and everything for her. After giving her 5 bottles of Folic Acid (over a years supply!) to 'ger her through her pregnancy', I realised there's no point just showering her with pointless, aimless gifts. I set out to find high quality, interesting gifts for Mum's To Be and here they are to share with you. You never know when you may want to buy for a Mum To Be, I certainly wasn't expecting to be a couple of months ago! So enjoy, and always bear these gifts in mind anytime you find out someone you know is pregnant :)

Babes with Babies - Fristly, what a brilliant company name?! 'Babes with Babies London is a 100% British owned, deluxe e-boutique providing beautiful gifts, stylish clothes and accessories together with pampering treats for new Mums, Dads and their babies.' The founders of Babes with Babies believe that every pregnant women deserves to be pampered with luxurious products and I agree! I think that everyone wants, and deserves, a bit of luxury every now and again. There's no better time than on the run up to having a baby, making the Babes with Babies the perfect place to purchase gifts for Mum's to be. My personal favourite selection of gifts are for 'Mum and Baby'. The gift sets have luxurious pamper products for the Mother, as well as high quality gifts for baby, perfect all-in-one present! The lovely ladies at Babes with Babies have kindly offered my readers 10% off, just enter 'BLOGFRIEND' at the checkout. Why not browse their gorgeous range on their website?

Welcome and Relax Mum & Baby Gift - £55.00
Rejoice & Relax Luxury Bath Oil Set - £19.95

Only4Mummy - I was suprised when I started this search that there weren't more companies offering a range of gifts for pregnant women. This is one of the only companies I found that offer a wide range of lovely gifts for pregnant women and new Mum's! Only4Mummy offers 'unique and thoughtful mum to be gifts', including journals, photoframes, relax and indulge sets, candles, Labour bags etc. The range is outstanding, yet the quality isn't compromised with products containing natural, organic ingredients that are safe for both Mother and Baby. A great feature of Only4Mummy is that they cater for whatever your budget may be, starting with a selection of gifts for under £10!
Labour Bag £8.99

Pregnancy Gift Box - £13.99

Blended Therapies - 'Pregnancy usually means having to stop using essential oils but we have developed a blend that is totally safe in pregnancy so we have added it to your favourite bases… Bath Foam, Lotion, Shower Gel. It is a broad blend being great for general aches and pains, insomnia, relaxation and smells great.' Blended Therapies have a lovely range of aromatherapy products suitable for Mum's To Be, New Mum's and Babies, following new parent's throughout the exciting time! The packaging is contempary and stylish, making Blended Therapies products a useful, unique and practical gift for pregnant women. Check out their website here.

Mum To Be Labour Oil - 100ml - natural Aromatherapy products - Click Image to Close
Labour Oil £8.00

Mum To Be Stretch Mark Prevention Oil - 100ml - Aromatherapy - Click Image to Close
Stretch Mark Prevention Oil £8.00

Mum To Be Delivery Gift Pack - natural Aromatherapy products - Click Image to Close
Delivery Gift Pack - £29.00

 Have you got a Mum To Be you want to buy a gift?

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  1. Oh wow how gorgeous are these presents, great post, I'm not a mum to be but I know loads of people who are and think these wold be great presents. It's nice to get baby presents for the new born but I want to get something for the mum as a treat for her..following you and and on twitter too :) xx

    1. Thank you - exactly it's nice to treat the mother as well as the baby! If I'm ever a Mum To Be I want to be pampered! :)

      Helen xx


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