Friday 8 March 2013

Who would have thought?!

I was trying to find something to store all those little 'bits and bobs' I have in the same bag as my jewellery and make up bag. It's so time consuming hunting through all the little bits and bobs to find what I'm looking for (usually a pair of earrings!). After trying out some containers that were much too big I came across the idea of using a TIC TAC box! It's genius - well I think so anyway! So I searched for anything small that needed a home and tried them in a Tic Tac container. It also makes for a great place to store things when you are travelling and so cheap too!

Take a humble Tic Tac container...

You can store cotton buds..

Hair grips...

Odd earring backs...

Stud Earrings...

Cocktail Sticks for nail art....

Ribbon for craft projects...

These are just some ideas - the options are endless! You could even decorate the Tic Tac case to make it fitting with your other make-up containers :)

Are you going to have a go?



  1. Loved this post! How creative of you. I'm definitely going to try it for hair grips as I always loose mine :D


  2. love love love this! i use one now for bobby pins and extra hair ties in my purse but you had some idea that i never thought out! great blog! xx Rena

    1. Thank you :) I want to eventually decorate the Tic Tac box to make it pretty, just need the time!

      Helen xx


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