Tuesday 16 July 2013

Retail Therapy ♥

Before the sun was shining so much, I went shopping in various locations across the Midlands. We visited Cambridge for the first time, what a beautiful city?! The shopping was amazing, there were loads of cute tea rooms and beautiful old buildings to see! I'm looking forward to visiting again, except we won't park in the centre again - for 3 hours it was over £7! Defiantly be hitting the Park and Ride next time! :)
Here's what I've bought recently...

Pretty vintage style canvas clock from Primary (£3)
Paper Straws from Home Bargains (99p)

3m Cath Kidston Ribbon from Bicester Village Cath Kidston Outlet Shop (£3)

I love this purchase - we visited Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire a couple of times recently and it's a small town FULL of antique shops! I just love routing around in them, trying to find a bargain. I found loads of old music books, which I'm hoping to use the music sheets to make something for our wedding. I got about 4 books full of music sheets for £2 from one of the antique shops!
These milk bottles were from Ikea and only £1 each! You could use them for so many things - drinking from with a vintage style paper straw (we might do that for our wedding!), as a flower vase or actually keeping milk in!

I'm a HUGE 'Bright Side' fan - it's a range of products created by artist Rachel Bright - her products are witty, clever and fun! The range includes cards, books, storage tins, crockery etc. I have quite a large collection of her products and am always looking out for new things! This is a Wedding Planning Book that Tom bought me (it retails for about £12), it's got so many witty comments in I could happily just sit and read them! I've started filling in some of the details but as we don't have much planned yet I'm sure it will be even more useful over the next couple of months.
Have you bought anything interesting recently?
Feel free to leave me a comment :)


  1. Your blog is really refreshing! I love these little antique finds too, I'm always popping in antique shops looking for hidden gems!

    L x

  2. so many lovely items! followed your blog btw <3

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // bloglovin

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