Monday 5 August 2013

Charles Worthington Front Row Salt Spray ♥

The Boots reduced section can be my best friend but also my worst enemy! I love searching through the reduced items to try and find new products to try at cheaper prices but that has resulted in some nightmares! I bought an Essie nail varnish for £2, I couldn't believe my luck! I got it home, went to put it on and it didn't have a brush applicator - hence the £2 price tag! Lesson learnt - always check the nail varnishes if they're in the reduced section!
A couple of months ago I found Charles Worthington Front Row Salt Spray for only 90p (usually £2.55)! It's travel size, so perfect for summer holidays. I've wanted to try a salt spray for a while because my hair is just so straight! I'd try anything to give it some 'natural' waves. I'd been a bit nervous to use this product though, I was worried my hair would be like straw and really crispy. But at the weekend I stopped being a wimp and tried it - so glad I did! I towel tried my hair and then sprayed about 10 sprays on to the bottom lengths of my hair. Very easy to apply and it smelt so nice too - I had envisaged that horrible seaweed, seaside smell!

As you can see from the picture below my hair isn't really wavy but for my hair - this IS really wavy! I can imagine that if you have naturally wavy hair it would really accentuate those waves. This is my new favourite hair product for the summer, I just used a small clip to keep my hair out of my eyes and that was my hair done for the day! So easy for relaxed summer days :)

Are you a fan of salt sprays?
Feel free to leave a comment - every single one means so much!


  1. Ohhhh great little bargain find! Your hair is such a lovely colour Xx

  2. this looks fab, what a bargain! I've been using dermaV10's salt spray and would recommend it to anyone


  3. It seems really good! Your hair are amazing!

    If you would like to follow each other,please let me know:)


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