Wednesday 28 August 2013

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Like a lot of you out there (that are over 18!) I enjoy a cocktail but it's a shame that I only seem to have them on special occasions. I simply can't justify spending well over £30 on a variety of spirits, then there's the juices, cordials etc! My spirit stash consists of a Coconut liquor that I won from heat magazine. Not exactly a cocktail maker's dream.
But fear not, I've found the perfect solution..
They provide an extensive range of cocktails that are premixed with premium spirits (let's be honest, that bottle of vodka I was going to buy would have been the value stuff!) and in easy to serve containers. It's cocktail heaven.

They have large 'pouches' of cocktails, ranging from Woo Woo to Mojito. The frozen cocktail range is perfect for those hot summer days, you simply pop the individual sachets of premixed cocktail in the freezer for 3 hours and ta dah! As these are individual you can have them at picnics, in hotels or at university (when you don't want to wash up!) and not have to worry about having a glass with you. They even cater for people who can't or don't want to drink, with their line of Mocktails!
MyCocktail kindly sent me a couple of their cocktails to try out, such a shame. I know.

This is their Woo Woo Cocktail 'pouches' (a 1.5 litre pouch is £14 from Asda), it has a nozzle for easy serving and I was very impressed that there wasn't any leakages or drips from it! It's holds around 14 servings of cocktail at 10% Vol, you defiantly know your drinking a cocktail rather than juice. Hurray!

As I don't have any of those 'posh' cocktail glasses, I used my extensive collection of jam jars to serve the cocktails in! Along with my favourite pink paper stripy straws - isn't this summer summed up... 


I was also kindly sent a Lime MarGOrita, which can be enjoyed chilled or frozen. I popped it in the fridge for 3 hours, poured it into a small glass and enjoyed! This was my favourite out of these two, it was absolute heaven. It's limey, slightly frozen, so refreshing and doesn't have an overpowering alcohol taste. It's my new favourite drink :)



The range by MyCocktail is available at Asda stores, so easily accessible.

and enjoy them responsibly!

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  1. Cocktails... In a bag? Why did I not know about these! This is perfect for festivals! xo

  2. You know...these would be perfect PTA events at school. Booze on tap for a quiz night and so forth...must investigate! Thanks for the recommendation xx


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