Tuesday 13 August 2013

Refresh and Revive Facial Sheet Mask - Green Tea Stem Cell...

When I was in Home Bargains (the same time I bought all of these lovely items - see here) I saw this intriguing product for only 69p! It claims to 'improve the tightness, revival and lifting of skin' - quite a claim?! You rest this 'freaky' mask (I have an issue with masks that cover people's faces, they scare me! haha) over your face and just lie their for 20 minutes! It was very easy to use, there was no mess or missed spots like there is when using a face mask. I popped it in the fridge before I used it, I'd highly recommend it! So refreshing in this warm/stormy weather.  
I'm not sure the claims of tightness and lifting are very accurate, you only have it on for 20 minutes - how much magic can happen in 20 minutes?! I did however feel revived (helped by popping it in the fridge) and to some extent my skin did feel tighter. I can't decide whether it was a 'nice' tight feeling or that unpleasant lack of moisture tightness.

It is a nice pamper treat but I think that's it, which isn't a bad thing.
We all love some 'pamper' time every now and again!
Have you tried anything like this before?
Feel free to leave a comment :)


  1. I love trying these sorts of masks, such good fun ha xx

  2. I love these masks and especially those kind because I find them so funny to have on my face :) Great review love x

    Christina xx


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