Wednesday 21 August 2013

Summer Dress Styling for New York City ♥

The Summer may nearly be over but it isn't yet - so lets not wish it away! Often, autumn is full of sunshine anyway, which is great for extending the summer slightly. I've shared my love with Marks and Spencer's with you before (see here), so when I was contacted about their latest 'Summer Dress Styling' competition I was excited to have a go!
After spending a good hour (you could say I have a little bit too much free time at the moment!) browsing the Marks & Spencer's website, I had once again fallen in love with so many of their dresses! The Autumn collection is simply stunning, with a dress for every shape, size, occasion and age. Honestly, I used to consider Marks & Spencer's as somewhere my Mum's age shopped but it's changed (or I've only recently found out) that their highly fashionable items are perfect for all ages.

I've decided to style this dress...
M&S Collection Cotton Rich Floral Print Prom Dress - currently reduced to £45.00
I think this dress would be perfect for a summer holiday in New York! I've been lucky enough to have visited New York a couple of times and it's my favourite city in the world! It's just so magical with amazing shopping opportunities, delicious restaurants, tourist attractions galore! In fact when I was there one time they were filming the film 'Inside Man' right next to our hotel, so we saw Denzel Washington and Jodi Foster - very exciting! Well, until I tried to take a photo and about 6 security guards almost jumped on me to stop me!!
Firstly, I've styled the dress for a more special occasion, perhaps breakfast at Tiffany's (I couldn't resist!), lunch/dinner in a nice restaurant, cocktails at the top of a skyscraper or just a casual stroll through Central Park. 

Limited Edition Patent Platform Court Shoes - £19.50

M&S Collection Leather Bowler Bag - £69.00

M&S Collection Pearl Effect Diamanté Bezel Floral Stud Earrings - £7.50
M&S Collection Contrast Round Frame Sunglasses - £12.50

You could also style this dress slightly 'edgier', for a more casual day look...




M&S Collection Leather Square Buckle Tear Drop Stud Belt - £19.50

M&S Collection Round Face 3 Eye Analogue Strap Watch - £25.00
2 Pairs of Ankle High Assorted Socks - £5.00
Limited Edition Studded Lace Up Shoes - £29.50
All of these items are currently available from Marks & Spencer's - do you believe me that it's a great source of stylish clothing and accessories now?
Which outfit do you prefer?
Feel free to leave a comment :)


  1. The dress looks amazing! You're so lukcy to be going to New York, I'm planning my trip for next year! xx

  2. Lovely dress! I love NYC too. Been only once but wanna go back soon. I actually want to move there one day, but that's another story..
    Adela x

  3. I love how you've styled this dress, it's so versatile!


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