Tuesday 10 September 2013

I MADE: No-Sew Bunting ♥

Anyone else love bunting? I love it...any pattern, any style, anywhere...it just feels so summery and celebratory! As we're getting married in a Tipi next year we really want LOT's of bunting all over the two Tipi's. Ages ago I had bought the cheapest single duvet cover from IKEA (I think it was £3) for craft projects but hadn't done anything with it. I decided it would be perfect for making bunting with but there was one problem...my sewing skills are quite limited! During a trip to Home Bargains I saw some Hemming Web for 65p, perfect for No-Sew Bunting :)
I felt like such a 'rebel' cutting up a duvet cover (haha!)
Firstly I cut along the joins of the pillowcase to open it up. You will need two triangles cut out of the material, so that the pattern is on both sides. 
I then used a cardboard triangle I had cut out as a template. Make sure you have the inside of the pillowcase (so that the pattern isn't facing you) and fold the material over. This should result in you having two layers of material. You don't have to do this but it helped me to try and make both the triangles the same size.  


I cut 3 lengths of the Hemming Web to go around each edge of one of the triangles (make sure you put the Hemming Web on the inside of the material, so that once again the pattern is facing away from you). Carefully place the other triangle (pattern facing upwards) on top.

Next you need to carefully iron the triangle, make sure there isn't any of the Hemming Web hanging out! The heat of the iron melts the Hemming Web, which keeps the two triangles together.  

Ta-Dah! One triangle done! From just one pillowcase I made about 14 of these triangles, so you don't need much material to create a lot of bunting.
(As you can see I don't have the steadiest hand when cutting a 'straight' line - but it doesn't matter once the bunting is hung up).

To finish the bunting off I used some blue spotty ribbon from the NEXT sale (£1.50 for 3 m). Carefully put a strip of the Hemming Web along the top of each triangle, placed the ribbon on top and ironed it (for as little time as possible).

Have you tried to make bunting before?
What do you think?


  1. DIY posts are my fave to read, love how simple this is to do! x

  2. Ah, I love that you're getting married in a tipi, that sounds so exciting! And the bunting looks great, might give it a go I think it looks like a really easy and cheap way to decorate a room nicely. Great tutorial :)
    Michelle xo - @shelleymagpie

  3. Wow that's a really helpful tutorial. x

  4. omg so happy i found this! i wanted to get some bunting for my room at uni but can't find any patterns that i like, now i can just do it myself :) thank you xx


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