Thursday 17 October 2013

H&M NUDES Eyeshadows

 H&M isn't somewhere I would usually go for make-up, infact I've never been there for any beauty product! This all changed a couple of weeks ago when I needed to return a cardigan Tom had bought me. It was neon pink, which I'm sure was nice for someone but I'm not really a neon kind of girl, so instead of let it sit around and not be worn I decided to return it. The cardigan cost £7.99, so I need to find something for that price to exchange it. On any normal day this wouldn't be an issue, I'm such a huge fan of everything at H&M but this day I couldn't for the life of me find ANYTHING! Ridiculous, I know.
I did find a lovely, super soft grey cardigan but after trying it on I looked like a very fluffy cay had rolled all over me! I couldn't face constantly having to sellotape my clothes for the rest of autumn/winter!
But after a long time and Tom getting very bored I had found a grey snood in H&M that was £3.99, so I still had £3 to spend. Eventually I found a set of 3 holey socks (for the child in me) that were £3 - perfect! But then on the way to the till, H&M are clever and place a lot of stock around the entrance to the tills, I found this set of eyeshadows. It was only £3.99 so I thought I'd try them out. When I'm doing a smokey eye I often prefer to use browns than blacks, as I always seem to look like I have a black eye!
I really like the simply packaging design, it is a shame they don't come with an eyeshadow applicator though.

My favourite eyeshadow from this set was the middle light brown shimmery one, I've worn this loads since I bought it! It's also great as a highlighter just under the eyebrow. I'm really impressed with the staying power of these eyeshadows and am so glad that I had the issue of not finding any clothes in H&M!  

Have you tried any of the beauty range at H&M?
Feel free to leave me a comment :)


  1. I love the colours in this palette! Love your nails too :-) xx

  2. I never ever think to look at the make-up in there, i need to start cause those shades are gorgeous

  3. Those colours look so lovely and natural!


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