Thursday 31 October 2013

REVIEW: Casio watch from The Watch Hut and a little NEW house tour!

As a lot of you will know I've moved house recently, which has been both tiring and exciting. Packing everything up, hiring a van and moving it all has been exhausting but the unpacking and decorating of our new house has been very exciting. It's amazing how the same 'stuff' can look completely different when it's in a new house! So as part of this post I thought I'd show you some little snippets of our new house, not everything's unpacked yet, so I can't do a proper tour yet.
Since moving house and not having a watch I've realised how much I rely on either technology or other people for the time. The day we moved into this house and out of our previous house I was constantly in need of knowing the time. We had a lot of time restraints to keep to, whether it be the 10am meeting with the estate agents to sign the contract, 11am meeting the landlord to get the keys, doing the inventory for our previous house at 4pm or 8am when the van needed to be returned. Time was definitely of the essence that day! But having no watch meant I was constantly badgering other people for the time, not exactly ideal!
This got me thinking about all of the moments within a normal day I need to know the time and it's a surprising amount! So when The Watch Hut kindly offered to send me the Casio Ladies Silver Tone Digital Watch (RRP £27.50 but buying it at The Watch Hut will only cost you £17.99, see here) I really started to notice how much I had needed a watch for a while. We all live busy lives and time is definitely of the essence, so why waste time routing through your bag for your phone to find out the time when you can have a watch! I know it sounds so simple but for some reason, I never did!
This Casio Ladies Digital Watch is perfect for everyday wear, it's lightweight, durable and stylish (I especially love the retro feel of it!) The fact it's water resistant is ideal for someone like me, one session of washing up and I'd ruin a watch that wasn't water resistant! It also features an alarm and date display, this is honestly the most perfect watch for my job/life. I'm always needing to know the date and (unfortunately) I have to set an alarm everyday for work! To show how many different times you would need to know the time I did a little walk through in my house, so this doesn't include the life we all lead away from our homes.
This is a typical working day...
Alarm going off at 6am, the mad rush to get ready and get out of the house for around 6.50am begins.
Applying my make up usually begin around 6.15am. I constantly have to be checking the time in the morning, especially when I poke myself in the eye with mascara or my hair just will not cooperate!
On to my hair, straightening my hair takes around 10 minutes, taking me to about 6.30am.
After some breakfast I'll try and head out of the door at 6.50am, although I'm often later!
I'll get into my car and drive the 1 hour 15 minutes to work. I don't mind the drive but I'm not a fan of the numerous country lanes on my journey!
 I'll get back home from work anything between 5pm and 7pm and will start cooking dinner. Always need to be keeping an eye on the time as me and Tom have different meals (I'm a vegetarian), so everything is being cooked at different times.

 Finally, sit down and watch some tv. If I'm back before 6.30pm I'll watch Hollyoaks and then 'First Look' Hollyoaks, of course I need to know the time to know what's on tv!

Then I'll either have a bath or shower, this is usually around 9pm as I'm so tired! I know, so rock and roll!

I might then fake tan, this Cocoa Brown self tan takes 1 hour to develop so I need to know the time I apply it. Wouldn't want any streaks!

 Last but not least I will get into bed and paint my nails, once again timing how long since I painted the last coat to make sure they're totally dry before snuggling down to sleep.
All those times I have needed a watch in the past, honestly having a Casio watch from The Watch Hut has made my life easier in the fact that I don't have to spend ages rooting around for the time anymore :)
Do you like to know the time or prefer to 'go with the flow'?
Feel free to leave me a comment :)


  1. I usually rely on my phone for the time! I'm also lucky enough to work in a place where there are plenty of clocks scattered around so I never really feel like I need a watch :)

  2. I can't wear a watch for some reason, they just stop working after a while like a week maybe

  3. aw i like that you gave a run through of ur day and times. I have one in gold but i much prefer the one you have.


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