Thursday 24 October 2013

Wedding Planning Update ♥

As you'll probably know by now, I'm getting married next year! When we first got engaged (back in May) there was a big flurry of sorting out the key things we wanted at our wedding. We had spent many evenings chatting about what our wedding would look like when it came around to it (I say we but it was probably mostly me!). So we were prepared with ideas of what we wanted, as the summer is the main wedding season there weren't any wedding fayre's/shows to go to. We eventually found an event happening up near Sheffield, which showcased a giant Tipi. As a result of that event we did in fact book our tipi's with that company, one thing ticked off the list!

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The next thing we had to tackle was where we were going to put the Tipi, just like a marquee, you need somewhere to put two giant tipi's (they take up as much space as a full size tennis court). We settled on having it at the golf club Tom has played at all his life and his Grandparents still go there almost everyday. It holds a special place in a lot of people's hearts on Tom's side of the family, which is lovely. So we booked that and the place we are actually going to get married/stay the night of the wedding. We've also made and sent out our Save the Date's (see them here), it was funny as a lot of people we gave them to weren't sure what they were for! Especially the older generation, bless them :) After a lot of trial and error we have settled on a wedding invitation design, as we're making these ourselves too. We were aiming to get them all made before we have to move house, but did we? Nope!
We did all of this during June/July/August and haven't really done much else since! I've been told that's what wedding planning is life, lots of big rushes and then time lapses and nothing needs to be/has been done.
S'more bites with jungle milk from Running Wild Catering. Photo by Candi Coffman Photography. #wedding #catering #food #drink
Our next venture is going to be organising the catering, as they will get booked up for next summer. We think we've found a lovely catering company but we need to find some free time (does anyone know where some free time is!?) to have a proper sit down chat with them and more importantly taste their food! I also need to order my dress soon, as you have to have them ordered at least 6 months before your wedding! I think I know the one I want but the price tag is putting me off slightly, why do they have to be SO expensive?! I very much have a devil/angel situation in my head, part of me thinks well it is your wedding day and it's never going to happen again but another part of me is thinking what else I could do with that money and to be honest it's far too much!
Ohhh I don't know what to do....
Has anyone else had this argument with yourself about a dress/item of clothing?
Feel free to leave a comment - I'd love to know what you think :)


  1. I would suggest looking into hiring the dress from somewhere, or finding a similar design thats cheaper! I spent a lot of money on my wedding dress and I have no idea what to do with it now. Having the dress dry cleaned is going to cost a fortune, and then you've got to think of storage, whether you want to sell it, if you want to make a keepsake out of it, it's a complete nightmare! If I knew what I know now, I probably would have bought a cheaper dress, but I understand that you want to look amazing on your big day, who doesn't?!

  2. It's for one day and I want something other than photographs to keep for the day! I think dress is definitely something that I would want to keep. Some things are worth spending a little more on for that memory! ☺️

    LL x

  3. Did you set a budget for the dress? Maybe think about what you would be happy to/can afford to spend on the dress as a maximum, if it falls over that then see if you can find a cheaper version. Or have you tried the Preloved website? I saw a designer dress I liked in a magazine but it was way too expensive, but it was on Preloved in my size for half the price! Xx

    1. I set a budget not knowing how much they are, so I've found that the budget I set are really just dresses in the Sale sections! haha I'll have a look on the Preloved website, thanks for the idea :)

      Helen x


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