Monday 28 October 2013

WINS: #1

As I've mentioned previously on my blog I go through episodes of entering loads of competitions. Prior to working full time I was entering hundreds of competitions a day! After about a year I had won over £3500 of prizes - so it's well worth entering competitions if you have time. It is very time consuming, hence why I've had to stop entering as many now I'm working full time. A while ago now I wrote a blog post about tips for entering competitions - see here - if you'd like to know where to start :)

After having a horrible meal at my local Pizza Hut, I complained and they sent me a £25 Gift Card. When a meal or restaurant experience isn't what I'd expect then I often complain, I work hard for my money and don't plan on wasting it on meals that a substandard. I'd recommend complaining if you have an unpleasant experience at a restaurant (which hopefully shouldn't be very often). Restaurants often welcome feedback and how can they improve if they don't know what's wrong?

I won this cute noticeboard (RRP £16.99) from Rosey Rose Facebook page (go check it out here - there's every material design you could ever wish for!). It's a medium size notice board and I was given the opportunity to choose which ever fabric I wanted - how lucky?! I chose this Cath Kidston Shooting Star fabric, as I thought it would be perfect for my niece's bedroom.
This is a product I've wanted to try for such a long time - a Tangle Teezer Elite (RRP £10.99)! I won this from Black Beauty & Hair on Twitter (@BlackBeautyMag) and am really excited to try it out!
This is a gorgeous Barbour Picnic Rug (RRP £50) and family day pass to any National Trust location (RRP £40). Barbour have been running a '100 days of Summer', where they were giving away 100 prizes of 100 days! @Barbour were asking people to tweet in pictures of BBQ food/summer days as part of this competition. I tweeted a picture and luckily won!
I got this Renshaw Flower & Modelling Paste (RRP £2.60) for free, as a reward for filling in a lengthy survey!
I won this Funkin' Party Park (RRP £15) from their *Your Bay Your Rules* competition on Twitter.
This is a more random prize, as I'm actually a vegetarian but I won 48 Angus Beef Burgers (RRP £50). I won this from the KK Catering Twitter page.
Do you enter competitions?
Feel free to leave me a comment :)


  1. Wow it shows it really is worth entering competitions!

    I agree about complaining when service isn't up to scratch, I'm always write an email to head office is I'm not impressed and I often let them know if the service is particularly brilliant too

    Great blog, thanks for sending over your link

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  2. Wow that is a lovely assortment of prizes x

    Beautyqueenuk xx


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