Tuesday 12 November 2013

RECIPE: S'mores with Spanish Hot Chocolate

Holiday's are the best for taking some time to do what you really enjoy and for me that's food! I've been a food lover all of my life, which isn't always the best on my waist line but life's too short to not enjoy one of my passion's just in case I might put on a couple of pounds! Well that's my attitude anyway.
I really fancied making something completely over the top sweet, as a treat for both Tom and I because we've both started new jobs, moved house, had Tom's birthday and been planning a wedding. It's fair to say we've both been ridiculously busy. I decided on making S'mores, they are something I've wanted to try for a long time but never gotten around to it. When I was in Los Angles last year I tried a S'mores Pop Tart, which were WAYY too sweet! So I thought I'd try and make a (slightly) less sweet version.
I've always heard of people making S'mores on the BBQ with a chocolate coated digestive, you put the molten marshmallow onto the chocolate side of the biscuit, the chocolate melts and your in heaven. As it's not really the time of year for BBQ's (and ours is looking rather rusty, after its one use last summer!) I made these S'mores in my kitchen instead. Oh and served them with a thick Spanish hot chocolate, topped with more marshmallows! The perfect accompaniment to cheer anyone up :)
To make 4 S'mores you'll need:
4x Marshmallows
4x Rich Tea biscuits (much lighter than a digestive)
6 squares of chocolate, your favourite always works best
A S'more in solid form...
Firstly, melt the chocolate in the microwave. I like to melt it in the cup I'm going to have my hot chocolate in, real melted chocolate is the perfect addition to any hot chocolate! Make sure you only heat the chocolate up gently in the microwave, it has an awful tendency to burn. I melted this chocolate in short bursts of 20 seconds, once there are only a couple of lumps left take the chocolate out of the microwave and stir. Those last lumps should melt, leaving you with deliciously smooth, glossy chocolate.
Next, pop the 4 marshmallows into a bowl and then into the microwave. These only need about 15 seconds, again be careful not to burn them! They will become a stringy, gooey pink liquid, perfect for spreading over one of the rich tea biscuits. Once you've spread a generous layer of melted marshmallow, top with a good size 'blob' of melted chocolate. Gently press down the other rich tea biscuit on top, pour over some more melted chocolate and they're ready to enjoy!
To make the hot chocolate I used the same mug I melted the chocolate in for the S'mores. I then added some Spanish Hot Chocolate powder (which was from Tesco), added boiling hot milk and stirred. The Spanish hot chocolate is so thick and luxurious that you only need a small mug of it! Top with 3 marshmallows, sit down with your S'mores and relax :)
Have you ever tried making a S'more?
Feel free to leave me a comment :)


  1. Oh my god they look delicious! Need to try making some! xo


  2. Oh my god this looks amazing, definitely going to attempt to make some of these
    Beth x


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