Saturday 30 November 2013

SKINCARE: EllaPure Timeless Moisturiser ♥

 I love almost everything about the cold weather, except what it can do to my skin! The contrast between hot and cold can dry my skin out instantly. I'm known for having my car VERY hot, it's the only time I can have real control over the heat, so I make the most of it! After an hour of sitting in the warm everyday on my way to work, I'm then freezing as I walk into work. Work is usually pretty warm, so when I go outside my poor skin is shocked by how cold it is again. The arch of my nose, chin and forehead are normally the places I get the worst dry skin during the winter.
Over the years I've tried a number of highly moisturising creams to combat this seasonal dry skin, EllaPure Timeless Moisturiser* (£18) is the newest one I've tried. It's actually aimed at ageing skin but as I'm only 23 years old that isn't much of a worry for me at the moment. However the natural, moisturising quality of this cream makes it perfect for anyone who wants to keep their skin hydrated! EllaPure have a wide range of natural skincare and aromatherapy products, which are the highest quality and organic. I've also reviewed their lovely range of essential oils here. This moisturiser has worked wonders with my skin, it finally seems to be handling this hot/cold weather and isn't really drying out anymore! I also love that it has Myrhh in - how festive!

'A nourishing cream with Ginkgo Biloba to protect against free-radical damage and improve blood-flow, Sea Buckthorn Berry to smooth lines and enrich the skin and Myrrh to refine pores and restore elasticity.'
As you probably know I'm a massive supporter of smaller business, especially ones that are based in the UK. EllaPure products are made in the UK, a big selling point for me!
Have you tried any EllaPure products?
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  1. I haven't personally tried it but great review thank you! I'm really trying to moisturise more xx


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