Sunday 29 December 2013

REFLECTION: My 10 Favourite Blogs of 2013!

2013 has been the year I've discovered, enjoyed and embraced the blogging world - who knew how big it is?! I had no idea that there were thousands and thousands of blogs out there for the world to enjoy. I wish I had a lot more time to be browsing blogs, I'm sure this list will miss so many lovely blogs out as I'm yet to discover them yet. So, in no particular order, here are my favourite 10 blogs of 2013...

1) Cider with Rosie - I came across Rosie's blog in the summer and fell in love with her stunning photography and baking posts! I have never seen such a beautiful collection of photo's before, it's inspired me to try to improve my photography but I can't imagine I'd ever be on Rosie's level of skill. Cider with Rosie is a lifestyle blog that follows Rosie's rather wonderful life with her partner Jason and adorable dog Teddy. Every week Rosie posts about the '10 things that made me happy this week', it's such a simple yet effective way of focusing on the positives in life, even if you've had a hard week! I can almost guarantee that once you've checked Cider with Rosie out you'll become a daily reader like myself. Here's some photo's from Cider with Rosie....
2) Victoria's Vintage - Victoria's Vintage is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog, with a vintage/floral twist. I absolutely love the design of this blog - think Cath Kidston, cute and vintage. Reading Victoria's blog actually partially inspired me to start my own, I can't remember how I came across this blog but it instantly became a daily read! Victoria also runs her own very impressive cake business (check out Victoria's Vintage Cakes Facebook page here), as well as blogging and working full time - impressive! Also, Victoria has a seriously impressive number of dresses so her outfit posts are always really different and inspiring. I love the many bargain hunting posts on this blog, I've often felt impelled to search my local Poundland for the latest gem Victoria has found! Also, in the summer months there are some brilliant posts about car boot finds - there really are some bargains out there! Here's some photo's from Victoria's Vintage blog....
3) Sprinkle of Glitter - this was the first 'big blog' I came across, with over 35,000 GFC Followers! Louise, who writes Sprinkle of Glitter, seems like such a lovely lady who is married and had the cutest daughter, Darcy. Sprinkle of Glitter is a beauty, baby and lifestyle blog, so it really does has something for everyone. I'm also a big fan of Sprinkle of Glitter's youtube channel (see here), her videos are so funny they often have me laughing out loud. But my favourite video to date was 'Mini Baby Glitter Christmas LookBook' (see here) - talk about the cutest video ever! Some snaps from Sprinkle of Glitter....
4) Glambeautys - this blog is a relatively recent find but I'm so glad I came across it on Twitter. Liza writes so many excellently informative beauty posts that I've almost read her whole blog wanting to find out her various beauty tricks and tips. I've tried contouring thanks to Liza's youtube video and blog tutorial (see here and here), I'm yet to master the skill but I'm getting there! The photography is beautiful on Glambeautys and the odd post about her son, Vinny, always has the cute factor. Here's some photo's from Glambeautys....
5) Stephanie Dreams - Stephanie Dreams is a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blog with gorgeous photography and blog design. Reading this blog always feels so cosy and warm, I think it's because the photo's are so beautifully set up with candle light and lanterns. Stephanie got engaged in May this year, the same as me! They are planning on getting married in Orlando, Florida - how amazing?! Stephanie Dreams is so close to 2000 GFC followers - can you help her achieve that goal before the new year? She definitely deserves it! A small selection of photo's from Stephanie Dreams...
6) Briar Rose - Briar Rose is written by Megan, a beautiful lady with the most amazing hair! This blog is my haven - beautiful photo's, unique outfits, the prettiest wedding ever and some seriously impressive hair accessories from Crown and Glory! Megan got married earlier this year in what looked like a gorgeous ceremony in her parent's garden, with a marquee decorated in such a way it took my breath away. As I'm obviously planning a wedding at the moment I'm always interested and inspired to see how other people have done it, Megan's wedding has elements we want at ours so it's lovely to see it in reality! Here's some photo's from Briar Rose...
7) A Rosie Outlook - a fashion and lifestyle blog with a beautiful unique twist. A Rosie Outlook is written by Rosie and follows her life by the seaside - wouldn't we all want to live by the seaside? I know I would. Rosie's outfit posts include the prettiest clothes with a stylish edge, which is exactly why I love reading this blog! Rosie also got engaged this year - it's clearly a big year for proposals! 
Walk in Lyndhurst
Hot Dog
8) Milk Bubble Tea - this is another blog I'm pretty new to but absolutely love! The photo's have neutral backgrounds making it feel like a world where the hustle and bustle of everyday can't get to you. Milk Bubble Tea is a baking, fashion and lifestyle blog written by the lovely Becky. There are plenty of wishlists, beautiful items Becky has bought recently and the tastiest looking recipes!
pastel rainbow cake in a jar
christmas tree milk bubble tea
9) The Lovecats Inc - is a fashion and beauty blog written by Helen. The outfit posts are beautiful and Helen's collection of designer handbags is amazing - a Michael Kors or Mulberry handbag have been on my (unachievable) wish list for a while now! The Lovecats Inc feel very luxurious when your reading it, so its a lovely treat to read. Some photo's from The Lovecats Inc...


10) VIPXO - This is another blog I've been reading for ages now, with fashion, style and beauty posts it's great for inspiration! Victoria, who writes the blog and in fact her initials are the name of the blog, also writes lots of posts including items from eBay. An eBay wishlist is posted every Sunday, which often makes me want to get over to eBay straight away. I have bought a black handbag from one of Victoria's eBay posts before. Here's some photo's from VIPXO....

There are lots of lovely blogs I've not included here that I also enjoy reading but I couldn't possibly include everyone - I simply don't have enough time to write it, sorry!

Thank you to every single one of you that takes the time to write your blog for us to enjoy and thank you very much to everyone that takes their time to read my blog too :)

Which have been your favourite blogs of 2013?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)


  1. What a great list and there were even blogs I hadn't discovered until now :o). Thanks for that! Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Compiling a list like this is a really great way for others to discover blogs they were previously unaware of. Cider with Rosie is a favourite of mine too!
    Bits & Bobs

  3. Aww thank you for including me in this :) I was going to check out the others but I actually follow them all already! They're all my favourites too lol xx

  4. All fab bloggers, I think I follow every single one! :D

  5. ahh this is such a nice post! Helen (lovecatsinc) is such a sweetheart! And I'm already loving A Rosie Outlook, Cider With Rosie and Briar Rose are already firm favs on my reading list! Thanks for sending your link over tonight :)

    Hannah xx

  6. Aw thank you for including me! I've just found some fab new reads thanks to you x x

  7. Thanks for the round-up! A few of these blogs I follow already so will be sure to check your other recommendations when I get a chance with a good cuppa!

    Katie <3


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