Monday 20 January 2014

BEAUTY: Benefit World Famous Neutrals Eyeshadow Kit

My cousin gave me this Benefit Most glamorous Nudes Ever eyeshadow kit (£23.50) for Christmas, with the idea I could trial my wedding make up - how scary! I am planning on doing my own wedding make up because I have a feeling I would not be happy with how someone else did my make up. My eyeshadow application isn't the best ever, so I'm planning on practising loads over the next couple of months. Any advice would be gratefully received!
As usual with Benefit, the packaging is well thought out and beautiful to look at! You can remove the eyeshadow insert to this box once you've finished them and use it as a cute storage box too. A unique feature of Benefit sets is that you get a 'Tips and Tricks' leaflet, which has a number of ideas of how to apply the products in the kit. In this Tips and Tricks leaflet there are ideas for a day and night look - really helpful for broadening your application techniques.
I love the neutral shades of these eyeshadows, there are 4 powder eyeshadows and 2 cream eyeshadows. 
The four eyeshadow powders - going from left to right - are gilt-y pleasure, kiss me I'm tipsy, call my bluff and it's complicated. I think my favourite shade is 'it's complicated', which surprised me as in the palette I wouldn't have chosen that as my favourite. It's so shimmery and would be great for highlighting too. There is a nice balance between shimmery and matte shades, it's complicated and gilt-y pleasure are shimmery and the other two shades are matte. Sometimes I want a shimmery look (ok, most of the time) but other times I want something more subtle with a matte finish. This palette has it all! I haven't decided which look to go for on my wedding day yet - I've got plenty of time to trial ideas out (well that's what I keep saying to myself, the wedding countdown app doesn't agree!)
I have already got a Benefit cream eyeshadow, which is so pigmented and never creases! This kit contains 'birthday suit' (on the left), which is a dark brown, metallic colour - ideal for creating a smoky eye and putting in the crease of your eyelid. You also get 'my two cents' (on the right), a lighter more bronze cream eyeshadow. This is perfect for creating a day time smoky eye!
Are you a Benefit fan?
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  1. What a beautiful set. I've not got any of their cream shadows, but if they don't crease I must invest! xxx


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