Thursday 16 January 2014

JEWELLERY: Kathy Jobson Bracelet from notonthehighstreet

My love for pearl jewellery is relatively new, about 2 years ago Tom bought me some pearl earrings from notonthehighstreet and I was a little unsure when I saw them. I had never worn pearls and kind of associated them with the older generation. But then I started wearing these gorgeous, timeless earrings that were so understated yet special enough to wear to both special occasions and everyday wear.
 That was when my love for pearls began, last year Tom bought me this gorgeous Kathy Jobson Freshwater Pearl Heart Charm Bracelet from notonthehighstreet (£9.50). Kathy Jobson has a beautiful range of Freshwater Pearl Bracelets that so stunning. Kathy Jobson designs the prettiest jewellery, each piece is classic and timeless.
The fact that this bracelet is made with Freshwater Pearls makes such a difference to the finish and design. The uneven shapes of each pearl adds so much character and the light reflects off each sparkly pearl at every angle. 

I'll probably wear this bracelet for my wedding day, I've already decided I'm wearing pearl earrings so this bracelet will compliment those earrings perfectly. I just need to finally decide which wedding dress I'm going to have before I can decide completely on my jewellery but it's all very exciting!
Do you like pearl jewellery?
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  1. Pearls are a great classic choice for a wedding - before having my baby I worked as a wedding jewellery sales consultant and pearls are always a winner, regardless of season. That job is also where my love for pearls came from - I own far too much jewellery, particularly of the pearl variety. Thanks for sharing these picks from notonthehighstreet.
    Bits & Bobs

  2. I adore pearls! They make any face look fresh and skin look dewy and perfect! Everyone will always say something when I wear pearls. My love for them began when I watched Bring it On and the girls wore them with their cheer-leading outfits... I was sold!

    Katie <3


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