Monday 3 March 2014

BEAUTY: Carmex Moisture Plus Berry Sheer Tint

I actually won this Carmex Moisture Plus Berry Sheer Tint (£4.29 from Superdrug) from Carmex Twitter on the run up to Christmas, hence no original packaging. I like the Carmex Strawberry Tube, as an everyday lip balm but to be honest I hadn't tried many of the other Carmex products. Winning the Carmex Advent Christmas Cracker, which was filled with Carmex products, has opened my eyes to the wonder of Carmex!

This Berry Sheer Tint lipstick/lip balm applies really well, it glides on leaving a shiny, red colour that compliments my skin tone perfectly. This is my new favourite wearable lipstick, it's not so pigmented that it provides a deep colour. This really appealed to me, as I'm still relatively new to wear lipstick and I like the fact that this one doesn't get everywhere! My real issue with the highly pigmented lipstick is that somehow I get it everywhere - on my hands, teeth, face, clothes - I don't know how but it just happens! I'm still very much wearing a lipstick 'L' plate!

As you can see below you get a lovely shiny (not shimmery) light red colour, making your lips look 'kissable' and well moisturised. Some lipsticks can have quite a drying effect on my lips but this isn't an issue with this product.

'Berry Sheer Tint Carmex Moisture Plus provides an ultra-hydrating formula that goes deep, broad spectrum sun protection, plus a sheer berry tint that matches any look. Nourish and Protect Formulated with vitamin E and full-spectrum SPF 15. Health-Boosting Ingredients Shea butter and aloe for exceptional softness. Sheer Genius Adds sheer, satin-gloss shine for a glam look.'

In the Carmex Moisture Plus range you can also get: Pink, Peach and Clear.

Have you tried any of the Carmex Moisture Plus range?

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  1. I love Carmex but I've never tried this range. I still finding my feet when it comes to lipstick too so maybe I'll give this a try, I really like the look of the pink one :) ox Lucy

  2. I have the pink one and I use it all the time. I really like how it's so moisturising but looks pretty too :) I didn't know there was a berry one so I'll have to try this one out too! x


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