Friday 14 March 2014

RECIPE: Wrights Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix

After receiving my bread maker at Christmas it's been in almost constant use (I reviewed it here) but I made my first ever cake in it the other day. Now I was quite reserved about making a cake in the bread maker - surely it would be a big 'lump' of cake? As you can't change the size/shape of the bread maker. I was however intrigued as to how a 'bread maker' cake would turn out. Wright's Bakery sell a range of easy to use cake mixes that can be used in a bread maker. Flavours include: Chocolate Fudge, Carrot, Toffee, Madeira and Ginger, something to please everyone! The Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix* (£1.70 from Sainsburys) is so delicious and isn't just a 'lump' of cake. You can still cut the cake in half long ways to fill with buttercream/jam/whatever your filling and then slice it like a Lemon Drizzle Cake. So rather than having wedges you have slices - perfect!

What you'll need:

1x Wright's Bakery Cake Mix (I used Chocolate Fudge)
Vegetable Oil
100g Butter
200g Icing Sugar
2 tsp Vanilla Extract
3 tbsp Cocoa Powder

What to do:

1) You don't have to mix the cake mix, oil and water together in a bowl first but it is recommended. This just ensures everything is really well mixed.
2) Pour the cake batter into the bread maker. Set the bread maker on to the cake setting (on mine this took 1 hr 50 minutes - surprisingly long).
3) To make the buttercream - soften the butter, mix in the icing sugar and vanilla extract until a smooth paste is formed. Keep tasting and make to your preferred sweetness.
4) After it was cooked and cooled, I cut it in half long ways and filled it with vanilla buttercream. I then added cocoa powder to the buttercream and covered the cake with luxurious chocolate buttercream and sprinkles. Delicious!

Have you tried any of the Wright's Bakery Cake Mixes?

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