Wednesday 5 March 2014

WEDDING: Favour Fairy

One topic for our wedding Tom and I haven't really discussed yet is favours - until now. Extravagant favours are a relatively new aspect of weddings and they can be extremely expensive. All of the wedding's I've been to we've received favours, such as Bride and Groom gingerbread candles, gingerbread men, small pots of chutney and biscuits. All of which were lovely but I'm sure they cost a lot of money and were gone in seconds (is it just me or do you always spend so long waiting to eat at weddings?!)

Favour Fairy offer a vast range of wedding favours for reasonable prices - ideal for those Bride's and Grooms that want to give their guests a favour but not spend loads of money! The website is so easy to navigate, so you can find exactly what your looking for quickly because if your planning a wedding you'll know that time is precious. They have a link to '50p Quality Wedding Favours', if I'm honest before clicking on this I was thinking they'd be tiny, quite rubbish favours but I was more than pleasantly surprised. They have a variety of organza bags filled with different sweets/chocolates, pretty boxes and card birdcages - all for 50p or less!

Main image for Laser Cut Bride and Groom Lantern Style Favour Box in Ivory

Main image for 3 Mini Love Hearts Rolls in an Organza Bag - Choose the Colour
^ 3 Mini Love Hearts Rolls in an Organza Bag (you can choose the colour of the bag) - 50p ^

Main image for Lantern Style Favour Box in White Small Butterfly Design

I really like the lantern style favour boxes, I think they'd look cute as part of a display at a wedding or filled with tissue paper for a tasty wedding cake slice to go in. The Love Bird Ivory Favor Box PLUS 5 Swiss Foiled Choc Hearts OR Love Heart Rolls* is only 99p! You get the lantern style favour box, any coloured ribbon and any coloured foil covered chocolate hearts, all for 99p. I think that's such a bargain and they would look lovely in the place of every guest at your wedding.

This is how you receive the favour set, so I was interested to see just how easy it was to set up. After all you don't want something complicated to make for each guest - it would take such a long time!

Firstly, I made up the bottom of the box - you just fold along all of the edges and then fold in the order I have shown below (think making 3D shapes with nets at Primary School!). I was surprised at how easy it was and how sturdy the final favour box was.  

^ Push the one facing upwards down and through the other flaps - it should pop through. Then you have a sturdy bottom for your favour box. It's that easy. ^

After filling your box with five delicious chocolates (I've tasted and can confirm they're delicious!) you need to fold along the indents on each flap on the top of the box. You then feed the ribbon through the gaps, tie a pretty box and you're done! It took me less than 2 minutes to make this from start to finish.

Below are an example of the different coloured foils you can get - one to match almost every wedding colour scheme.

Isn't it so cute?
Such a bargain at only 99p.

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  1. I'm not getting married, (ever unfortunately), but I always seem to gravitate to looking at stuff about others and their plans etc.
    I LOVE the bird cage box and that is such an awesome price especially when little things can add up. Weddings are already expensive as it is!

    Best wishes,
    Danielle x


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