Monday 10 March 2014

WEDDING: The Planning Rollar Coaster

POPSUGAR Wedding Roundup: Dresses, Decor, Music, and More For Your Big Day

So far, our wedding planning process has been a roller coaster - I've heard from many Bride's that's just what it's like. I have enjoyed every stage of planning our wedding so far, though we have a lot more to plan! Balancing a full time job and wedding planning is tough, there have been many late nights and whole weekends spent searching the country for what we envisage. As we are getting married 1.5 hours away from where we live, this has bought it's own challenges but nothing that can't be overcome. There have been many periods since May 2013 when Tom proposed where we haven't done anything towards the wedding and then we'll have bursts of activity.

#Scrabble #Centerpiece #TableNumbers | See the wedding on SMP: Katie Slater Photography

Wedding planning has taken me by surprise. In every other aspect of my life I'm so organised - I was never one of those university students who stayed up all night (with the help of Pro Plus and Red Bull) before an assignment was due in. At work now I like to get things done, rather than add them to an ever growing to-do list. But I've surprised myself at how relaxed I am when it comes to planning our wedding. Maybe it's because there are two of us planning it and not just me or maybe it's because I trust it will all come together in the end. I don't know. But what I do know is that it's nice to be more relaxed, though I seriously doubt this relaxed feeling will stay when it's only a couple of weeks until our wedding. I'm enjoying it while it lasts and I'll keep you updated!
coral + turquoise and one crazy pretty beachside table  Photography By /,Wedding Planning, Styling and Floral Design By /

Our current project is designing, creating and making our invitations and RSVP's. We've spent hours deliberating but I'm so glad we have worked together on them and created them completely ourselves. It's also so much cheaper making them ourselves, every penny saved is worth it. 
Here’s a helpful big picture timeline: | These Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Plan Your Wedding

Next on our Wedding Planning List:

Finalise catering
Source LOADS of solar fairy lights
(if you know anywhere cheap let me know!)  
Wedding Accessories
Wedding Cake
Tom's Suit
I really want to go on a 'Bride to Be' Spa day - after all you're only a Bride once!
Wedding Rings
Send off our wedding service order
Keep up my healthy eating
(and hopefully lose weight though I'm not stressing about that - what's the point?)
Hire crockery/cutlery
Find loads of beautiful bunting
Make a photo booth background
Find an old dressing table that we can up cycle for the photo booth

Ok, writing all this down has made me want to go and get more things ticked off this list!

Where are you in your wedding planning?

Feel free to comment :)


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