Tuesday 1 April 2014

BEAUTY: Earthnicity Mineral Make Up

The popularity of mineral make up seems to be constantly and consistently raising - it offers natural looking make up that is better for your skin. I was always dubious though, I just wasn't sure how good a powder foundation could be. Would it give me a good coverage? Due to these worries I had never ventured into the world of mineral make up - until I received the Earthnicity Light Mineral Make Up Starter Kit* (£24.99). All my judgements about mineral make up were eradicated and I was genuinely amazed at the coverage you can get from a high quality mineral foundation like Earthnicity. 
The Earthnicity Light Mineral Make Up Starter Kit includes: Porcelain Mineral Foundation, Natural Light Mineral Foundation, Ivory Mineral Concealer, Silk Glow Light Mineral Powder and a Synthetic Kabuki Brush. They are all sample sizes and will last 3 weeks. A full set of mineral make up for you to trial if you've never tried mineral make up before or your new to Earthnicity as a brand. I especially love the fact that you get two different shades of foundation - either one or a blend of them both should create the perfect shade for you!
^How the foundation comes out of the container.^
Using a tightly packed make up brush you work the mineral powder into your skin. I tended to spend more time working this mineral powder foundation in than a liquid foundation, as the powder needs to be 'worked' into my skin a bit more. I used circular motions, which helped to create a flawless look.
The Silk Glow Light Mineral Powder is absolutely stunning - it's a fine pearlescent powder, which makes a lovely highlighter, eye shadow, just generally a great multi purpose product! You can buy a full size Silk Glow Finishing Powder for £14.99 from here.

Have you tried mineral foundation before?
Do you prefer it to liquid foundation?

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  1. I've never used a mineral foundation before, but I would love to!

  2. I like my make up to be very 'natural' and mineral foundation is my go to... I use the ELF one and love the coverage it gives, especially for a lower priced product. Thanks for introducing me to this company.
    Bits & Bobs


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