Thursday 3 April 2014

GIFT SET: Ted Baker Eau De Toilette and Body Lotion

As you probably know by now, I absolutely love Ted Baker toiletries and gift sets! The packaging is always so cute and the scents are exactly the kind I love. The Ted Baker W EDT Gift Set* (£9.99 from The Perfume Shop) includes a contemporary style bottle of Eau De Toilette and a floral scented body lotion.
I really like to try and keep the smell of a scent on all day and some EDT don't last all that long but I was impressed at the stayed time of this Ted Baker one! It lasted almost all day but when applied with the body lotion I could smell the scent all day long. The scent of these products is a light, floral fragrance with hints of peony, rose petal, orchid and cedar. Personally I don't like products that smell strongly of rose (I think it's because it makes me think of Turkish Delight - yuk!) but it's not overpowering at all in this EDT, it just adds that floral note that is perfect for summer!
As you can see the packaging is such a cute floral design, I'll definitely be keeping the box the products came in. It will be perfect for cotton pads or storing nail varnishes! The EDT is 30ml so it's ideal for travelling with or popping in your handbag. As I'm going to Florida very soon I'm planning on packing this EDT as my 'holiday perfume' because it's not really heavy or big, which means I have more space to bring back loads of American goodies :)
The body lotion isn't the consistency of a body butter or really runny, for me it's the perfect consistency for summer - light and moisturising! I will also be taking this body lotion away with me as it's a great size and will help the good old self tan go on smoothly and fade evenly - no patchy tans wanted in Miami.

Do you tend to take smaller perfumes and body lotions on holiday with you?

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